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Is TBS On fuboTV? Here’s What You Need To Know


TBS on fuboTV

TBS is currently unavailable to watch with a fuboTV subscription and it remains to be seen if that’s likely to change. Although fuboTV is a good live TV streaming service, and especially for sports fans, its lineup is missing some popular channels, and TBS is one of them. For those that are interested in watching TBS, other live TV services do offer access to the channel, and at a cheaper price than fuboTV.

Since fuboTV first started offering a full live TV package, the service has gone through a number of changes. Most notably, the plans and prices have continually changed over the years. As of today, fuboTV offers three main plans to choose from, with the price ranging from $69.99 to $99.99 per month. The channel lineup has also continually adjusted over the years. In some cases, this has resulted in new channels being added. In others, some channels removed.

TBS is one of the channels that was previously available with fuboTV but has since been removed. Back in 2018, TBS was added to the fuboTV channel lineup along with TNT and some other Turner channels. However, in 2020, fuboTV dropped all of the same Turner-owned channels, including TBS. Since then, TBS and the other channels have remained unavailable through fuboTV.

For those looking to watch TBS, there are other live TV streaming options. In general, the cheapest option is going to be Sling TV. Sling offers two main plans for consumers to choose from and both are priced at $35 per month, roughly half the cost of fuboTV’s cheapest plan. Even though the Sling Orange and Sling Blue channel lineups do differ, TBS is available with both. As a result, consumers can sign up to either plan without having to worry about missing out on the channel.

Outside of Sling TV, DirecTV Stream, Hulu Live TV, and YouTube TV all also provide access to TBS, albeit at varying price points, and all at a higher monthly cost than Sling TV.

Could TBS return to fuboTV in the future?

Possibly. The channels were originally dropped as a result of fuboTV and Turner being unavailable to agree a new carriage deal. Interestingly, fuboTV also announced a price increase at the same time. Since then, the price of its cheapest plan has increased on more than one occasion, and the various Turner channels have yet to return.

However, that’s not to say they won’t in the future. Turner has gone through its own changes in recent years. These changes include AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner, the later rebranding to WarnerMedia, and the merging of WarnerMedia and Discovery Inc. to create Warner Bros. Discovery, who now owns the Turner channels. With somewhat of a change of ownership and shifting priorities, it is possible that a deal between fuboTV and Warner Bros. Discovery could be done in the future, potentially resulting in the return of TBS.

At the same time, once channels are removed from a service’s lineup, they don’t tend to be added back again. Most live TV services would prefer to avoid subscriber problems by ensuring channels remain available, with the removal often a sign of the differences between the companies being too great. If the Turner channels, including TBS, were to make their way back to fuboTV, it wouldn’t be surprising if they were also accompanied by a price increase.

fuboTV and TBS summary

fuboTV previously offered access to TBS, but the channel was dropped back in 2020 after failing to agree a new carriage deal. The dispute not only affected TBS but a number of other channels as well, including TNT. While it is possible that the channels could return in the future, there’s no guarantee. In the meantime, consumers should consider TBS and the other Turner channels to be unavailable through fuboTV.

For homes that do want access to TBS, most of the other live TV streaming services still carry the channel. Depending on which service a household chooses, the price of a plan with TBS included is likely to range from $35 to $70 per month.

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