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Google TV Is Getting A Huge Free TV Channels Upgrade Today


Google TV live channels

Google TV is introducing a new live TV experience that lets users browse more than 800 free TV channels. There are already plenty of free TV services available and Google isn’t looking to compete with them. Instead, Google is simply making it easier to access more of these providers in one easy-to-use guide.

Google TV, formerly known as Android TV, is the operating system you’ll encounter on many devices including various smart TVs and the Chromecast with Google TV lineup. The home screen includes shortcuts to various sections such as a Live tab. As the name suggests, this Live section helps Google TV users access live TV channels available through compatible services and apps.

It is also this Live section that is now seeing a huge free TV channels upgrade today. Essentially, Google TV is bringing together and integrating feeds from various free streaming services including Tubi, Plex and Haystack News. According to Google, the change means that Google TV now offers “more free TV channels in one place than any other smart TV platform.”

Google had previously struck a deal with Pluto TV to make the free streaming service’s live TV experience accessible through the Live tab. This latest change does the same thing for Tubi, Plex and Haystack News as well, greatly increasing the number of integrated channels in the process.

In addition to the integrated channels, Google says it is also launching a selection of free built-in channels. The benefit with these channels is that users will be able to access them without also needing to have one of the free streaming apps downloaded on the device.

Through the combination of the new integrated channels and the built-in channels, Google says that Google TV users are gaining access to more than “800 channels and premium programming, including news channels from NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX.”

For those that often watch international programming, Google also says that the selection of free TV channels will include programming in more than 10 languages including Spanish, Hindi and Japanese.

For those eager to get started, the new live experience with access to more than 800 free channels goes live on Google TV today. After rolling out to Chromecast with Google TV devices and the various Sony, TCL, Hisense and Philips smart TVs that run on Google TV, the plan is to bring the new live experience and free channels to eligible Android TV devices.

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