HBO Max: How to Update the Samsung TV App

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HBO Max is available on Samsung smart TVs and updating the app works in much the same way as any other Samsung smart TV app. Owners of one of these TVs can simply set apps to update automatically when a new version becomes available. However, there is also the option to manually update an app at any time, including HBO Max, for those that want greater control over the updating experience, or to push an update to a specific app quicker than usual.

HBO Max continues to be a service that is growing in terms of the content that’s available to stream as well as the number of subscribers. Another area where HBO Max is constantly expanding is device support. However, unlike some services that offer multiple ways to stream content, AT&T and WarnerMedia tend to prefer subscribers to download the HBO Max app directly on a device.

Generally speaking, smart TVs is one of the least supported device categories. While TVs powered by Android TV, Fire TV, and Roku are supported, HBO Max doesn’t support all smart TV brands with Vizio a notable example. In terms of Samsung, there are no major support issues, with HBO Max compatible with models dating back to 2016. Providing the HBO Max app has been downloaded on a supported Samsung smart TV, manually updating the app is fairly easy to do.

Update HBO Max on a Samsung TV:

  1. Press the Smart Hub button on the remote
  2. Navigate to and click on “Apps”
  3. Click on the Settings icon (upper-right corner)
  4. Click on “Updates”
  5. Locate HBO Max in the app list
  6. Click “Update”

The same process can be used to manually update any app currently installed on a Samsung smart TV. Once the update has been initiated, the latest version of the app will be downloaded and installed on the device. However, this is providing that an update for the app is actually available. If the latest version is already installed on the TV, then attempting to update the app, whether HBO Max or otherwise, won’t have any impact.

Set HBO Max app to automatically update

While it is easy enough to update apps manually, there is also the option to automatically set apps to update when a new version becomes available. This is the preference for newer Samsung smart TVs and a good way to ensure that the latest improvements and bug fixes are scheduled to be applied as soon as they are released.

Automatically update HBO Max on Samsung TVs:

  1. Press the Home button on the remote
  2. Navigate to and click on “Apps”
  3. Click on the Settings icon
  4. Click on “Auto update”
  5. Toggle Auto Update to “On”

Unlike the manual method, this is an all or nothing approach to app updating. For example, once Auto update has been set to on, the Samsung TV will automatically take over updates for all apps on the device and not just for HBO Max. At present, there is no way to only set automatic updates for a single app like HBO Max. If consumers do not want Samsung updating all apps whenever a newer version becomes available, then it might be better to keep Auto update set to off and manually apply updates to specific apps when wanted.

Updating HBO Max on Samsung TVs summary

HBO Max is widely available on Samsung smart TVs and subscribers can manually update the app as and when wanted, or set all apps to automatically update. Which method is best will depend on a number of factors, including the other apps installed on a device and how much control the user wants over the update process. The option to manually or automatically update apps, including HBO Max, is available through the “Apps” section of the smart TV’s settings menu.

Regardless of whether preferring to manually control the app update experience or letting the Samsung smart TV take over the responsibility, it is important to keep apps up to date in general. Newer versions not only often include new and improved features, but important bug and security fixes as well.

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