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Herogo TV ‘Pauses’ Paid Plans, Promises To Refund Existing Subscribers


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In a strange, and sudden, turn of events, Herogo TV has stopped offering all of its paid live TV plans. This change comes less than two weeks after those premium TV packages were officially launched.

After soft launching the new premium plans on social media in the last week of May, Herogo officially launched its new channel lineup and plans as Herogo TV 2.0 on June 2, 2023. According to the announcement, Herogo TV offered one free plan and four premium plans for consumers to choose from.

At the top end was the Ultimate Package. In return for an “astonishing collection of 300+ premium channels,” subscribers were charged $129 per month, making it a fairly expensive option when compared to the other live TV streaming services that are currently available.

Today, however, Herogo TV is only offering the freemium plan, after removing all of the live TV plans from its website. According to The Streamable, the company has started emailing existing subscribers to explain that it is no longer accepting new subscribers and plans to refund existing subscribers over the next few days.

In terms of why the service has made this move, it would seem that subscribers weren’t too happy with the overall product. According to the reported email, customers had raised “concerns about the system’s user-friendliness, the lack of clarity on subscription management, and the inability to customize usernames or passwords.”

The email goes on to explain that “there is significant room for improvement” and the plan is to now launch an improved version at some point in the future.

Whether Herogo TV does actually re-launch its premium live TV service at a later date is something that currently remains to seen. While it is one thing to pause new subscriptions, it is quite another to remove all the premium channels from existing subscriber packages, and especially without any prior warning of what’s happening.

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