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Hoopla Users Can Now Binge Hallmark Movies Now For Free For 7 Days


Hoopla bingepass Hallmark Movies now

Hoopla has now added Hallmark Movies Now as a BingePass benefit, making it possible to stream the Hallmark movies library for free for seven days, and without nothing more than access to a library card.

If signing up to Hallmark Movies Now as a new user, it is already possible to take advantage of a 7-day free trial. However, the BingePass program is very different, as it doesn’t require users to sign up and create an account.

Instead, each service that’s accessed through BingePass is processed as a ‘borrow’ from the Hoopla library and this removes the need for users to worry about canceling the subscription if they don’t want to begin paying for the streaming service at the end of their free trial.

Hoopla appears to have already added Hallmark Movies Now to the program, so existing users should now be able to borrow a Hallmark Movies Now BingePass and begin streaming any of the titles on Hoopla, including When Calls the Heart, The Way Home, Morning Show Mysteries, and Chesapeake Shores. This is in addition to 15 new titles that are being added as part of Hallmar’s Christmas in July lineup.

For those completely new to this service, Hoopla is basically a digital version of a public library. In fact, it is a digital version of your local public library where you can borrow audiobooks, eBooks, comics, movies, TV shows, and more.

All a new user needs to get started with Hoopla is a library card. With that card in hand, new users can sign up by selecting their local library, adding the library card number, and providing an email address.

As this service is dependent on library support, some users may find that their local library is not currently enrolled in the program, and therefore, they are unable to sign up for the service.

Once an account is created, the user will then have access to a variety of digital content, courtesy of their local library. Following today’s announcement, this includes the option to borrow a Hallmark Movies Now subscription through Hoopla’s BingePass service, and stream the entire online content lineup for free for seven days.

For reference, other streaming services currently enrolled in Hoopla’s BingePass program include Curiosity Stream and The Great Courses. There is also a variety of magazine and kid-friendly subscriptions available as well.

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