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How Much Is Philo? The Monthly Live TV Subscription Cost Explained


Philo channels October 2022

Philo is cheaper than many other live TV streaming services, making it a good option for those looking for an affordable way to stream live TV over the internet. While it is cheaper, it does also come with some compromises compared to other services. This does mean that it might not be the best option for everyone and every home. For those that it is a good fit for, however, it can be a great way to lower the monthly cost of live TV.

Right now, the most popular live TV streaming services in the US, in order, are YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV, and Sling TV. Other than Sling, the other two live TV providers charge a minimum of $65 per month, making them expensive options in general. While Sling TV is cheaper at $40 per month, it is still not as cheap as Philo.

The standard Philo subscription costs just $25 per month, undercutting Sling TV and most other services by a lot. What’s more, Philo doesn’t tend to increase the price all that often. Even when a price increase does roll through, it is usually pretty low. For example, the base price of Philo has only risen a total of $9 since 2017. Put simply, the lower price is one of the main selling points of Philo, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

For some homes, the monthly price could actually be even cheaper. For example, T-Mobile customers are currently able to get a $10 per month discount (check eligibility) on the cost of Philo for the first 12 months. With this discount applied, the cost of live TV comes down to just $15 per month.

Philo Live TV guide$25/month
70+ channels
3 streams
Unlimited DVR
7-day Free Trial

Why Philo is just $25 per month

The main way Philo is able to keep the monthly cost of live TV so low is through the channel lineup. Specifically, Philo is a live TV service that’s primarily focused on entertainment and lifestyle programming, with a good dose of knowledge-based content thrown in for good measure. This does mean that the selection of channels is not going to be right for every home. For example, Philo is not a solution for sports or for local channels. In addition, some may find that their favorite entertainment networks are missing as well.

By being more careful about which channels it bundles together, Philo is better able to keep control of the price, and keep the cost the consumer pays down.

Philo Live TV guide
Philo live TV guide

In spite of this more focused channel approach, Philo does still offer access to more than 60 live TV channels, including many popular networks. As this is a service specifically focused on entertainment and lifestyle content, the lineup is going to be a great fit for homes that are looking to catch up on the latest episodes of their favorite shows from A&E, AMC, Discovery, Hallmark Channel, Lifetime, and Paramount Network, among others.

Another way Philo is able to keep the costs down is by not focusing too much on padding out a subscription with additional features or premium services that a consumer might not want to pay for. As an example, Hulu Live TV bundles basic Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN Plus subscriptions with its base live TV plan, all of which inevitably impact on the monthly cost. In contrast, Philo keeps things simple with a streamlined channel lineup and only a select few premium networks that can be added to the base plan.

In fact, Philo doesn’t really offer much at all in terms of upgrades. Other than the ability to add Epix, Starz, or the Movies & More add-on, there isn’t any way to increase the monthly cost. Instead, all subscribers get access to the same channel lineup, the same unlimited cloud DVR, and the same on-demand library for the same $25 per month cost.

Is Philo worth getting?

At just $25 per month, it is hard to argue with the price. Philo is currently one of the cheapest live TV streaming services around and offers very good value overall. However, that value is totally dependent on the channel lineup. If Philo includes the channels that a home wants, then it is very likely to be worth getting. If a home finds that it is missing some of the channels/programs they want access to the most, and they cannot be accessed through standalone subscription services, then Philo might not be the right option.

Once again, Philo is not really a solution for local channels or live sports, and that’s by design, which means it probably won’t become a solution for locals or sports in the future. If primarily looking for a live TV service to watch live sports, there are better options available. However, if looking for a live TV service to watch entertainment and lifestyle shows, Philo very well could be the solution, and at just $25 per month.

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