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How To Delete HBO Max Profiles (And Why Some Can’t Be Deleted)


HBO Max multiple profiles

HBO Max offers the option to add additional profiles to an account for other people to use and these profiles can easily be deleted through the website or one of the apps. However, there is one profile type that cannot be deleted and that’s the original account profile. For those looking to delete a profile that’s no longer in use, below is a quick explainer on how to do it.

HBO Max costs a minimum of $9.99 per month making it a fairly expensive subscription unless the cost is shared with other people. To further make the sharing of HBO Max with others easier, HBO Max offers the option to add additional profiles. Creating a new profile is easy enough and can be done through the various platform apps or by signing in to the website. In total, five profiles can be linked to the one account and these can either be set as Adult or Kid profiles.

Whether no longer using one of the profiles or just in need of freeing up space for a different profile, it is possible to delete any HBO Max profile with just a few clicks. The deletion can either be performed directly through the HBO Max website or while using one of the various apps. Regardless of the device being used, the process of deleting a profile is pretty much the same.

How to delete HBO Max profiles

To delete a profile through the website, sign in, and click on the Manage Profiles option on the profile selection screen. If already signed in with a profile, click on the profile icon in the top right corner and then select Switch Profiles. At which point the user will be able to click on the Manage Profiles option.

HBO Max select profile
Click on Manage Profiles

Select the profile to be deleted and then click on the Delete option at the bottom.

HBO Max delete profile

HBO Max will ask for confirmation of the change. To complete the process, click on Delete when prompted.

Delete profiles through HBO Max website: recap

  1. Visit HBO Max website
  2. Sign in
  3. Click on Manage Profiles
  4. Select profile to be deleted
  5. Click Delete
  6. Click Delete again to confirm

The process of deleting an HBO Max profile is pretty much the same when using any of the platform apps and just requires the user to select the right profile after clicking on the Manage Profiles option.

The one exception here is the mobile app. As this app tends to be tied to a specific profile, the app always opens with the same profile, skipping the select profile screen in the process.

Delete profile through HBO Max mobile app:

  1. Open HBO Max app
  2. Tap the profile icon (top right)
  3. Tap Switch Profile
  4. Tap Manage Profiles
  5. Select the profile to be deleted
  6. Tap Delete
  7. Tap Delete again to confirm

Why you can’t delete some HBO Max profiles

While it is easy enough to delete HBO Max profiles, at least one cannot be deleted. Typically, this is the original profile and the one that’s usually linked to the account holder. HBO Max requires at least one profile to be set up with an account and this original profile is considered to be the default profile. As it is the default profile, there is no option to delete it, unlike any other profile that can be deleted, and by any other profile.

HBO Max profile missing delete
No option to delete default profiles

Generally speaking, there shouldn’t be any reason to delete this original profile. Even if only one person is using the subscription then the profile will just need to remain in place. While it cannot be deleted, the default profile can be edited by making changes to the name, color, or profile photo. Even if canceling the subscription, this original HBO Max profile will likely remain in place. This is intentional as it makes it easier for the account holder to restart the subscription at a later time.

If attempting to delete a Kid profile then the PIN number is required to gain access to the edit and delete functions. Without the PIN number, the profile will remain locked and unable to be altered in any way, and this includes deleting the profile. If the PIN number has been forgotten, it is possible to click on the Forgot PIN option on the Enter PIN page.

If using the Forgot PIN option, HBO Max will email the account holder (default profile) with instructions on how to reset the PIN. Once reset, it will be possible to gain access to the edit profile page and make any required changes, including deleting the profile.

HBO Max Kid Profile Delete
Deleting Kid profiles requires PIN

Deleting HBO Max profiles: summary

Most HBO Max profiles can easily be deleted through the Manage Profiles option when accessing the HBO Max website or one of the various platform apps. Manage Profiles can be found on the main profiles page that’s typically seen when opening the app or logging in to the website. If unable to see this page, clicking on the profile icon in the top right corner and then on Switch Profiles should bring the user to the right place.

While most HBO Max profiles can be deleted, Kids profiles will require a PIN to be entered before the option to make any changes or delete the profile becomes available. For those that are only using one profile to begin with, there is no option to delete the main account holder’s profile, although changes to it can be made if needed.

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