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How To Get Free Paramount Plus With Walmart Plus

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Walmart recently started offering its Walmart+ members a free Paramount Plus subscription. As this is a subscription that’s discounted by another company, actually getting access to free Paramount Plus requires a few additional steps compared to signing up to Paramount Plus directly.


Walmart+ is similar to Amazon Prime in the sense that it is a membership program that offers free shipping with no order minimum. Similar to Amazon Prime, Walmart+ also offers additional non-store related benefits, including access to streaming services. While Amazon Prime members get free Prime Video, Walmart+ members get free Paramount Plus.

Existing Walmart+ members will need to claim and set up their free Paramount Plus subscription before they can access the streaming service. To do this, head over to the Walmart+ website, log in, and then click on Account. Once in the account section, select Paramount Plus (under Video Streaming). The Walmart customer will be redirected to the Paramount+ website where they will then need to sign up and create the account which will be used to access Paramount Plus in the future.

Instructions recap:

  • Visit Walmart+ website
  • Sign in
  • Click on Account
  • Scroll down to Video Streaming
  • Select Paramount+
  • Sign up for a Paramount Plus account

Once done, the Walmart+ customer will have unlimited access to Paramount Plus. If the new subscriber has never used Paramount Plus before, the app will need to be downloaded on a supported device, as it is not possible to watch Paramount Plus shows and movies through the Walmart website or app.


It is worth being aware that Walmart only offers a free Essential subscription. Paramount Plus offers two different plans – Essential and Premium – with the main differences being the Premium plan is an ad-free subscription and includes access to a subscriber’s local live CBS station. For those signing up to Paramount Plus through Walmart+, there’s currently no option to upgrade to the ad-free plan or to bundle Essential with Showtime.


What existing Paramount+ subscribers need to know

If already signed up to Paramount Plus, it is still possible to take advantage of the free subscription through Walmart+. However, this does require the subscriber to cancel their existing Paramount Plus subscription and then sign up again by clicking on the link within their Walmart+ account.

Existing subscribers will also need to wait until their current billing cycle comes to an end before seeing the change to their new, free subscription. While this probably won’t be much of an issue for those signed up to a monthly plan, annual subscribers may find they have to wait some time for their existing subscription to end. If using an alternate email address to create the new subscription through Walmart+, then existing subscribers will need to sign out of Paramount Plus on all of their devices before logging back in with their updated account details.

If an existing Paramount Plus subscriber is currently signed up to Premium, they will lose access to their ad-free and local CBS benefits. Likewise, if an existing subscriber has already bundled their subscription with Showtime, they will lose access to Showtime. Put simply, switching to the subscription through Walmart will result in a switch to the Essential plan.

What new Walmart+ subscribers need to know

If new to both Walmart+ and Paramount Plus, it is possible to simply sign up for Walmart+ and take advantage of the free subscription. Walmart+ costs $12.95 per month and there is also the option to sign up to an annual plan. Priced at $98 per year, the annual plan breaks down to around $8.16 per month.

Walmart also offers a 30-day free trial, so it is possible to check the membership program out before having to pay. In addition, those on a free trial are still able to take advantage of the free Paramount Plus subscription. However, if they don’t continue with Walmart+ after the free trial ends, they will also lose access to their free Paramount Plus subscription.


Regardless of whether signing up to the monthly or annual Walmart+ plan, customers get access to the Essential Paramount Plus plan. Considering Essential only costs $4.99 per month (or $49.99 per year when signing up to the annual plan), it is only worth signing up to Walmart+ if the other Walmart benefits are useful.


Paramount+ and Walmart+ summary

Both new and existing Walmart+ customers are eligible for a free Paramount Plus Essential subscription which can be redeemed directly through the Account section of the Walmart website. The subscription is only for the Essential plan, which typically costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Existing Paramount Plus subscribers will need to cancel their subscription and then re-subscribe through Walmart+.

An important point to keep in mind with these free Paramount Plus subscriptions is that they are completely managed by Walmart. As a result, if the Walmart+ subscription is canceled, the subscriber will automatically lose access to Paramount Plus as well. Likewise, if wanting to cancel Paramount Plus at a later time, the cancellation will need to be manually completed through Walmart+ and not through Paramount Plus.

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7 replies on “How To Get Free Paramount Plus With Walmart Plus”

After signing up at Walmart+, installing on a Fire TV, I had to go to sync accounts on Amazon and then down load the app from the Amazon app store.

Glad I’m not the only person who feels this way. I attempted twice and had to cancel the Paramount+ ASAP, then wait for 8 days to try again. Fingerscrossed, however this time I’m going to delete all Paramount+ apps, on my cell PS4 etc. wish me luck!

Hi Hogan,

I’m not sure if you can. It should be free with Walmart Plus so as long as that is the case then you can just choose not to use it. If you are canceling Walmart Plus, in theory, Paramount Plus should also be canceled as well.

Hope this helps.

I cancelled my walmart + subscription at least 2 months ago, but I can still log into the free paramount account through it. I don’t mind getting the free Paramount, but I don’t them to find out that I haven’t been paying either them or walmart and then try to bill me for the months that my account still exists. I tried cancelling through the roku app, doesnt let me.

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