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How To Restart An Apple TV Player (It Can Help Fix Issues)

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There are multiple ways to restart an Apple TV player and each one has its own merits. Most of the time, users should not need to turn off their Apple TV player let alone perform a restart. However, it can often be beneficial to routinely restart a device to ensure it is running as its best. For those that are encountering an issue with an app or a performance-related problem, a quick restart of the Apple TV player could be what’s needed. If an Apple TV device isn’t responding at all, then a restart will almost certainly be the best option.

Generally speaking, Apple TV devices are fairly easy to control and navigate thanks to the familiar Apple interface. However, as they come with a remote unlike an iPhone or an iPad, some of the controls can be a little different or hidden under different settings. For example, putting an Apple TV device to sleep is far different than simply turning off the phone or tablet’s screen. Likewise, restarting an Apple TV is somewhat different to restarting an iPhone or an iPad.

One of the easiest ways to restart an Apple TV player is through the settings menu. To go this route, simply open up the Settings app on the Apple TV device and navigate to the System section. Here users will find a “Restart” option listed under “Maintenance” which instantly restarts the player when clicked. An alternative way to restart an Apple TV device is using a shortcut on the remote.

If using the newer second-generation Siri Remote then simply hold down the ‘Back’ and the ‘TV’ buttons at the same time. After a few seconds the Apple TV’s status light will blink quickly. At this point the user can let go of the buttons and the device will automatically restart soon afterwards. If using the first-generation Siri Remote then hold down the ‘Menu’ button along with the ‘TV’ button. Again, the light will start blinking before the Apple TV player restarts.

If problems persist, try a harder restart

For most issues, either of the two methods above might prove enough to fix the problem. However, if an issue still persists, then then it might be worth trying a more thorough restart. Technically, this is the easiest method of all as it just involves unplugging the device from the power point and plugging it back in again. It is always recommended to wait between 5 and 10 seconds before re-plugging the device back in to help clear any residual power. For reference, this is not always the best way to restart a device, but it can prove useful if the other methods don’t yield the desired results, or the device is non-responsive making it impossible to navigate the interface.

Of course, it might be the case that any app or performance problems encountered are not actually an issue with the Apple TV player. For example, if encountering an issue with a specific app, then it may just be worth trying to fix the app instead. Although restarting the Apple TV should also restart installed apps, it might be worth uninstalling and reinstalling the app again. If the issue is with multiple apps, and a standard restart doesn’t solve the problem, maybe there is something more fundamentally wrong with the Apple TV player.

In this situation, and when looking to avoid sending the device in for repair, it is worth checking to make sure there are no system-level software upgrades available to install. It also may be worth trying to reset the Apple TV back to its factory settings. However, a factory reset should always be viewed as a last resort considering that, unlike a restart, a reset will actually remove all of the data stored on the device. As Apple explains, this includes all of the accounts, settings, and installed apps, requiring the user to re add and reconfigure all of these aspects again. Of course, if the issue is that bad, and a reset can clear the problem, then it may be worth trying. The option to reset an Apple TV player can be found under the same ‘Maintenance’ settings section as the restart option.

Restart Apple TV summary

An Apple TV player can be restarted in multiple ways, including via the settings menu, using a remote shortcut, or by simply unplugging the device and plugging it back in again. Which method is best will depend on the situation, but usually the remote shortcut or the settings “Restart” option should be enough to fix any issues, or to simply ensure the device is running at its best via a fresh reboot.

If there are issues that aren’t fixed via a restart, then it might be worth restarting and even reinstalling any apps that aren’t working properly. This is in addition to applying any available Apple TV software updates. One of the last and most effective ways to clear a problem is to reset an Apple TV device. However, resetting comes with its own issues, including having to reinstall all downloaded apps and set everything back up again, making a restart a friendlier and better option overall.

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