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How To Watch Thursday Night Football In 2022

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Thursday Night Football is a little different in 2022 thanks to Amazon securing the exclusive rights to show all Thursday night games on Prime Video. As a result, any NFL fans wanting to watch football this Thursday night, or any Thursday during the 2022 NFL season, will want to make sure they have access to Prime Video and a compatible device to watch on.


Amazon’s Prime Video is a little different to other streaming services as it is technically free to anyone with a Prime membership. Although it’s possible for Prime members to buy and rent videos or subscribe to channels through Prime Video, there’s no additional cost involved with Thursday Night Football. For anyone with a Prime membership, it’s free.

In total, Amazon secured the rights to show 15 games during the 2022 season. All of these Thursday Night Football games are scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, and Prime Video will be showing pre/post-game content as well. With week 2’s Chiefs vs Chargers and week 3’s Browns vs Steelers games having already been played, 13 Thursday Night Football games are still to be decided before the end of this year.


Below is all the Thursday Night Football games that are still to be played on Prime Video this year.

September 29Miami Dolphins vs Cincinnati Bengals
October 6Indianapolis Colts vs Denver Broncos
October 13Washington Commanders vs Chicago Bears
October 20New Orleans Saints vs Arizona Cardinals
October 27Baltimore Ravens vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
November 3Philadelphia Eagles vs Houston Texans
November 10Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers
November 17Tennessee Titans vs Green Bay Packers
December 1Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots
December 8Las Vegas Raiders vs Los Angeles Rams
December 15San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks
December 22Jacksonville Jaguars vs New York Jets
December 29Dallas Cowboys vs Tennessee Titans

How much Prime Video costs

For homes without a Prime membership, the subscription is typically billed annually at a cost of $139 per year. However, it is also possible to sign up and pay monthly at a cost of $14.99 each month. If opting for the monthly subscription, the cost for one full year comes in at $179.88. Of course, it is possible to just sign up for the monthly subscription and only pay for the months that apply to Thursday Night Football.

Irrespective of whether signing up on a monthly or annual basis, Amazon offers all new Prime members a 30-day free trial.

While a Prime membership comes with many perks beyond Prime Video, it is also possible to just sign up to Prime Video as a standalone service. The standard price of a Prime Video subscription is $8.99 per month. There is currently no option to sign up and pay annually for Prime Video on its own, but a student discount is available for those that qualify.

How to actually stream Thursday Night Football

Providing a Prime membership or standalone Prime Video subscription is set up, Thursday Night Football can be streamed directly within the Prime Video app. Outside of watching through the Prime Video website, a compatible device is a necessity. All of Amazon’s own Fire TV devices, including Fire TV Edition smart TVs, come with Prime Video. Therefore, anyone with a Fire TV device shouldn’t encounter any issues with tuning in and watching the game every Thursday night.

Fire TV Stick 4K
Fire TV devices are pre-loaded with Prime Video

Outside of Fire TV devices, the Prime Video app can also be downloaded and installed on a variety of other streaming players and smart TVs. For example, the Prime Video app can be downloaded on Android TV, Apple TV, and Roku players, as well as LG, Sony, and Samsung smart TVs. The app can also be installed on Android and iOS devices, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, and Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S consoles.

After downloading that app from the respective app store, all the user has to do is log in with their Prime membership or standalone Prime Video subscription accounts details. They will then have access to the full Prime Video streaming catalog, including Thursday Night Football.


Additional FAQs

Can I watch Thursday Night Football for free?

No, it is not possible to watch Thursday Night Football for free in 2022. At least, not all of the season. As mentioned, Amazon does offer a free trial for Prime and Prime video, so it is possible to watch any of the games that are shown during the 30-day free period. For reference, students not only pay half of the usual monthly cost for Prime membership, but they also get a 6-month free trial to begin with. Technically, this is a long enough free trial to watch the rest of the Thursday Night Football games in 2022.

What channel is Thursday Night Football on?

All of the Thursday Night Football games shown in 2022 will be broadcast exclusively on Prime Video. As there are no traditional channels in the Prime Video app, users can simply search for Thursday Night Football in the app or click on the Thursday Night Football banner on game day. Upcoming games can also be found in either the Sports section of the app or in the Live & Upcoming carousel.

For reference, it is still possible for local residents to watch their team play on local live TV. However, the channel they will need to tune in to will depend on the location and team. Viewers will also need to make sure they have the necessary equipment to receive local OTA channels.


Is Thursday Night Football only on Amazon Prime?

Yes, Thursday Night Football can only be watched on Prime Video in 2022. However, this is specifically in relation to streaming. Consumers can still watch their local team play providing they are able to receive the local over-the-air channel that’s broadcasting the game.

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