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Prime Video Review: Is Amazon’s Streaming Service Worth It?


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Prime Video is worth a subscription but it is much better value through Amazon Prime. While we do see value in the standalone $8.99 a month Prime Video subscription, that $9 is probably better spent elsewhere. As an Amazon Prime benefit, however, it’s hard not to love Prime Video.

Prime Video is Amazon’s own streaming service and brings together a selection of on-demand content, original programming, and a store where additional purchases and rentals can be made. Basically, it’s the Amazon of video streaming apps.

Prime Video $8.99
  • Experience
  • Content
  • Features
  • Price

Streaming Better verdict

Prime Video is great for free with Amazon Prime, and is worth a standalone subscription, but probably not at the cost of other streaming services.


Free with Amazon Prime
Amazon Originals
Additional free content
Thursday Night Football


Busy apps
No ad-supported plan
Needs more Originals

If you already have access to Prime Video through Prime membership, then you really should already be making use of the streaming service.

If you don’t subscribe to Amazon Prime, and don’t want the additional benefits that come with Prime membership, then it is possible to sign up for a standalone subscription.

Regardless of whether considering Amazon Prime or Prime Video, Amazon offers a 30-day free trial with both membership tiers.

Prime Video
Prime video app without subscription$8.99 a month
Amazon Originals
Thursday Night Football
Up to 3 streams
30-Day Free Trial

Prime Video full review

If you’re still unsure of whether Prime Video is the right service for you, here’s our full review.

How we reviewed this service: Prime Video is one of the services we are subscribed to throughout the year. This review is based on that long-term usage and our experience of using the service across a variety of devices, including Apple TV, Fire TV, Google TV, Android mobile, and We are currently signed up to Prime Video through Amazon Prime.

Prime Video specs — what you need to know

Below is an overview of the Prime Video specs and features that are worth knowing before signing up.

Monthly Price$8.99 (or free with Prime)
Annual Price❌ ($139 for Prime)
Simultaneous Streams3
Ad Free
On Demand
Live TV

Prime Video experience — what it’s like to use

For those with a Fire TV device, Prime Video comes built in to the interface. For those with a smart TV or streaming player running on a different operating system, they will need to download an app.

Fortunately, a Prime Video app is available on a variety of different platform and devices, so most homes shouldn’t run into too many issues with downloading the app and signing up.

Unlike many other streaming service apps, the Prime Video app is more of a one-stop streaming shop. Not only does it house all of the content included with Prime Video, but the app is also home to Freevee content, premium subscriptions for purchase, and even rentals.

Prime Video app New Releases
Prime Video app: New Releases

All of this can make the app a little busy and some may not like the fact that they have to sift through content they don’t have access to without paying extra.

Personally, this was my biggest gripe with the app, as it does make content discovery a little harder.

For those only interested in only seeing the content they get with their Prime Video subscription, it is possible to scroll down the Home section and click on Prime under Subscriptions.

Prime Video app Prime Filter
Prime Video app: Prime filter

This will then only show content available with Prime Video, making the app more similar to what users get with other streaming services.

Prime Video app Include with Prime
Prime Video app: Included with Prime

In the Prime section, content is further broken down into various themed rows, including Originals, Recently added, and genres. It is also possible to filter the Prime section by Movies or TV Shows.

Prime Video app TV Shows
Prime Video app: TV Shows

Alternatively, users can narrow down the entire contents of the app by making use of the left-side menu, which provides shortcuts to Find (search), Home, Store, Live TV, Free with ads, and My Stuff.

Prime Video app menu
Prime Video app: main menu

My Stuff not only contains any videos the user has bookmarked, but also any purchases, rentals, or subscriptions they have through Amazon.

Prime Video app My Stuff
Prime Video app: My Stuff

As mentioned, the Prime Video app is available on a variety of platforms and devices, including mobile devices, and offers a very consistent experience across devices.

Here’s a closer look at the mobile app.

Similar to other services, one of the major differences when accessing Prime Video on a mobile device is that subscribers can also download titles to watch offline. Downloads can be kept for up to 30 days, or up to 48 hours if already started.

While the Prime Video app is a very busy app overall, and certainly compared to other streaming service apps, that’s somewhat intentional.

After all, this is Amazon’s app, and like Amazon in general, the idea is that you can pretty much get whatever you want through the app.

Prime Video content — what you can watch

Excluding all of the content that requires an additional payment or subscription, the Prime Video library does provide access to a good number of movies, shows, and additional content.

Arguably, the on-demand library is one of the larger ones around. However, a good number of those titles are fairly old or of a lesser quality. While these titles may appeal to homes often looking for hidden gems to watch, much of the catalog might not prove that appealing to some homes.

One of the main reasons to consider Prime Video is the access to Amazon Originals.

Prime Amazon Originals Exclusives
Prime Amazon Originals and Exclusives

Examples of popular Amazon/Prime Originals available to watch on Prime Video include:

  • Bosch
  • The Boys
  • Goliath
  • Good Omens
  • Reacher
  • The Expanse
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power
  • The Terminal List
  • The Wilds
  • Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

In addition to all of the on-demand content included with Prime Video, subscribers also watch any of the free, ad-supported content that’s available through Amazon’s Freevee service.

Prime Video Freevee
Prime Video app: Freevee

Unlike Prime Video, Freevee doesn’t require a paid subscription, and is a completely free streaming service, similar to Pluto TV and Tubi.

However, and as Freevee is also available within the Prime Video app, subscribers get access to all this additional content as well, and at no additional cost.

Prime Video live TV — free channels and live sports

Prime video offers access to various live channels. Not to be confused with Prime Video Channels, the live channels included with Prime Video are mostly free, ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channels.

These are typical channels that play content related to a specific theme or show, such as Saved by the Bell and Stargate. Or channels that are based on a genre, such as Action or Comedy.

Prime Video app live channels
Prime Video app: live channels

The Live TV section also includes a Subscribe filter that makes it possible to see what’s playing live through the various premium networks (Prime Video Channels) that Amazon offers.

Prime Video app Live TV subscriptions
Prime Video app: subscription live channels

So, if you are subscribed to any of these additional subscriptions, this makes for an easy way to quickly see what’s available to watch right now.

In addition to the live FAST and premium channels, Prime Video also include access to some live sports. Most notably, Prime Video is now the home of Thursday Night Football, as well as a variety of New York Yankees games, and other live sports events.

Prime Video app Live MLB
Prime Video app: live MLB

If other sports-related subscriptions are purchased through Amazon, such as MLB.TV or NBA TV, then live content from those subscriptions can also be watched directly within the live section of the Prime Video app.

Prime Video value – how much you pay

Amazon offers two main ways to subscriber to Prime Video, so how much you’ll pay can vary.

Firstly, Prime Video is free for anyone signed up to Amazon Prime. This is likely to be the way many homes have access to the service, and offers the best value, when factoring in free Prime shipping and the other Prime membership benefits.

Amazon Prime membership costs $14.99 per month or $139 per year.

If a student, then it is also possible to sign up for an Amazon Prime Student membership at $7.49 per month or $69 per year.

The other way to access Prime Video is with a standalone subscription. Amazon currently charges $8.99 a month for Prime Video membership, with no option to sign up to an annual plan.

Compared to the base price for many other streaming services, Prime Video might seem a little expensive. However, it is worth keeping in mind that Prime Video is an ad-free subscription.

When comparing with the cheapest ad-free plans from other services, Prime Video is actually one of the cheaper subscriptions around.

Prime Video$8.99
Apple TV+$6.99
Ad-free plans

In spite of being cheaper than many other ad-free services, we do find it a little hard to recommend the standalone $8.99 a month Prime Video subscription, as that $9 is likely to be better spent elsewhere.

If money is not an issue, and you’re not interested in Prime membership, then it is certainly worth giving Prime Video a try and seeing if it meets your needs. Thankfully, a 30-day free trial is available to all new Prime Video subscribers.

What would be nice to see is the launch of an ad-supported Prime Video plan, and rumors suggest that might be happening soon. A ‘with ads’ plan would offer a cheaper price point for those preferring to save money, while also allowing Prime Video to better compete with other services on price.

Is Prime Video worth it? — what we really think

If evaluating Prime Video as a Prime membership benefit, then it’s hard not to love the service. It is packed with a large on-demand library, Amazon Originals, and some live TV.

For those already subscribed to Amazon Prime, Prime Video is a great extra to have, and something you should be already taking advantage of.

If evaluating the standalone Prime Video subscription, this is where things become more complicated. Amazon does offer some very good Originals so there is a reason to pay for a month or two.

However, we would find it hard to recommend remaining subscribed at this price for the entire year, and especially if choosing between Prime Video and other popular streaming services.

The reason we say this is that Prime doesn’t have quite as many Originals as some other services. With that in mind, we’re more inclined to suggest signing up to Prime Video for a month or two, consume the content you want, and then cancel to either save the money or use it towards a different streaming service.

Prime Video
Prime video app without subscription$8.99 a month
Amazon Originals
Thursday Night Football
Up to 3 streams
30-Day Free Trial

Prime Video FAQs

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions about Prime Video.

How much is Prime Video a month?

A standalone Prime Video subscription costs $8.99 a month. Unlike Prime membership, a standalone Prime Video subscription doesn’t include any of the other benefits available with Prime.

Is Prime Video free with Amazon Prime

Yes, access to Prime Video is free with an Amazon Prime membership. Those new to Prime can sign up for $14.99 a month or $139 a year.

Is there an annual Prime Video plan?

No, there’s currently no standalone annual Prime Video subscription available. However, Prime membership is available as an annual plan and includes access to Prime Video at no additional cost.

Does Prime Video have ads?

Prime Video is an ad-free subscription so it does not include ads. However, the Prime Video app does include access to Freevee and a selection of live TV channels, both of which do include ads. So, while Prime Video doesn’t have ads, the Prime Video app does, depending on the content.

How many Prime Video streams?

Prime Video subscribers can stream on up to three different devices at the same time. However, the same video can only be streamed on a maximum of two devices at the same time.

How can I watch Prime Video?

A Prime Video app is available on a wide variety of platforms and devices including smart TVs, streaming players, set-top boxes, game consoles, and mobile devices. It is also possible to watch directly through

Can you download Prime Video titles?

Yes, Prime Video subscribers can download titles to watch offline. However, not every title can be downloaded and downloads are only available to mobile and Windows users. In addition, downloads are limited to two devices at the same time and are typically removed automatically after 30 days (or 48 hours if you’ve already started watching).

Amazon also limits the overall number of titles that can be downloaded at a time, and this limit varies based on location and other factors.

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