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Hulu Likes and Dislikes Come to iOS

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Hulu has now updated its iOS app with the option to add likes and dislikes to TV shows, movies and recommendations. This follows on from the same feature rolling out on other platforms, including games consoles and smart TVs.

Hulu first announced the ability to like and dislike back in October of this year. Back then, the feature was only available on select devices with the supported list mainly consisting of TV-specific platforms, such as Amazon Fire TV and Android TV. At the time, there was no mention of the update rolling out to smartphone apps although the original announcement did state the feature was “coming soon” to other devices.

That’s now changed with iOS mobile the latest platform to gain support. Technically, the likes and dislikes feature became available as part of a December 5 (version 6.7) update. However, Hulu has now rolled out another update today that extends the likes and dislikes functionality to recommendations as well.

Besides the ability to tell Hulu what you think of TV shows, movies and even its recommendations, the feature is designed to improve the user experience in general. Hulu will be using the viewer feedback to surface content it thinks might be of interest. For example, recommendations that gain a like will result in similar content being recommended in the future. While content that’s marked as disliked won’t surface again.

Other than the introduction and expansion of the likes and dislikes support, Hulu has not detailed any other major changes in either of the current updates. Although they do feature the usual upgrades, such as accessibility improvements and bug fixes.

Getting started with Hulu’s likes and dislikes on iOS

Regardless of whether you’re looking to like or dislike a show, movie, or recommendation, iPhone users will need to make sure they have the latest version of the Hulu app installed to get started. This is currently version 6.8 released on December 16, 2019.

Once updated, likes or dislikes can be attributed by tapping on either the thumbs up or thumbs down icons. This applies to the individual page for each title as well as titles that appear on the app’s Home page.

In the event that you accidentally thumb the wrong way, likes and dislikes can be undone by tapping the same icon once again. Alternatively, the like or dislike can be redistributed by selecting the opposite icon.

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