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Hulu Live TV Finally Begins Adding PBS With 13 Local Stations Now Live


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Hulu Live TV is finally getting around to adding PBS to its channel lineup. At the moment, only 13 local PBS stations have become available through Hulu’s Live TV service, with others expected to be added at a later date.

Hulu Live TV first announced it was adding PBS back in May of this year. At the time, Hulu simply confirmed that local PBS stations would arrive “in the coming months.” The announcement also confirmed PBS Kids and Magnolia Network were being added as well.

Since then, there hasn’t been much news on when the channels would arrive. However, we are now starting to see some activity, with confirmation that 13 PBS stations are now available to Hulu subscribers.

Here’s the full list of local PBS stations now available thorugh Hulu Live TV:

  • Arizona PBS
  • Montana PBS
  • PBS Wisconsin
  • Nine PBS
  • Smoky Hills PBS
  • Wyoming PBS
  • KEET
  • Southern Oregon PBS
  • West TN PBS
  • LPB/Louisiana Public Broadcasting

With these channels now live, Hulu subscribers in these locations now have access to locally produced shows and PBS favorites, including American Experience, Antiques Roadshow, Frontline, Great Performances, Masterpiece, Nature, and more.

In terms of the other locations still waiting on access to their local PBS station, it currently remains unclear when the additional stations will become available.

Arizona PBS released its own statement confirming its availability trough Hulu Live TV and how residents now have access to local PBS shows including Arizona Horizon, Check, Please! Arizona, Trail Mix’d, and Horizonte. Interestingly, while Arizona PBS did reaffirm that other participating PBS stations will become available in more than 300 markets, it also stated that this process will happen “over the next year.”

This would seem to suggest that some markets may have to wait considerably longer to get access to their local PBS station.

While PBS still isn’t officially listed as an available channel on the Hulu Live TV website, the channel lineup was updated today to include PBS Kids. As a result, it seems likely that PBS Kids is now available through Hulu Live TV in most locations, including those that have yet to gain access to their local PBS station.

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