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Some Hulu Live TV Subscribers Have Lost Their ABC Affiliate


Hulu Live TV channels 2022

Hulu has now started emailing affected Live TV customers to advise them that they have lost access to their local ABC affiliate. Specifically, it is the affiliates owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group that have now been removed from Hulu Live TV’s channel lineup.

As is almost always the case in these situations, the ABC channels have been dropped as a result of Hulu and Sinclair being unable to agree terms for a new carriage deal.

Even though Hulu has yet to publicly announce the change, it has now started emailing affected customers advising them of the adjustment to their channel lineup, and the fact that the channel is no longer available as a result of a distribution issue.

We wanted to let you know that, as of today (03/08/2023), Hulu no longer has the rights to distribute the local ABC affiliate that was previously included with your Live TV plan.”

Email from Hulu

In addition to the emails, Hulu has also started confirming the change in replies on social media, also confirming that Sinclair is the channel owner the dispute is with.

As these are local channels, not all Hulu Live TV subscribers are going to be affected by the change. Instead, whether a subscriber now has access to their local ABC will depend on their location, and who owns the affiliate serving that area.

For those that haven’t signed up to Hulu Live TV but considering doing so, they will be able to check whether they get access to their local ABC before signing up. In areas where ABC is no longer available, the Hulu website shows ABC as an On Demand Only channel when viewing the lineup filtered by ZIP code.

Essentially, this means that content available via the national ABC will be available to stream the day after it is shown live.

As of right now, it doesn’t seem likely that a deal will be made and so there are no indications that the removed ABC stations will be added back. However, that may change. Back in 2020, a similar situation arose with Sinclair and CBS affiliates, and although the channels remained gone for a couple of months, they were eventually added back in 2021.

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21 responses to “Some Hulu Live TV Subscribers Have Lost Their ABC Affiliate”

  1. No notice and we subscribed right before. Sorry Hulu, we live in the Florida Panhandle and need to follow our weather about 300 days a year. The other major network affiliates are 70 miles west of us. I never would have guesstimated this, but I’m with a lot of the other disgruntled subscribers-ABC is about 75% of the time. I guess the streaming services are monopolies like the cable companies. Bye-bye.

  2. I’m so unhappy with this deal.will have to change streaming service.

  3. I will be leaving

  4. I will also be leaving Hulu if they don’t get abc back soon

  5. No ABC? No warning? I’ll go somewhere else. Goodbye Hulu

  6.  Avatar

    Terrible! No notice. Goodbye Hulu

  7.  Avatar

    If it’s not restored in a week, we’ll be taking our business elsewhere too.

  8. Very unhappy and disappointed ABC is here one minute and gone the next. Hulu price continues to rise. I will also be looking for a new provider since I watch ABC a lot.

  9. I have had Hulu Live for years. Will be cancelling and going with YouTube tv if ABC is not brought back soon.

  10. I will be changing to you tube tv, it is only 65 a month!

  11. I’m out if you don’t bring back ABC. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  12. I will be going elsewhere for live tv if ABC isn’t back on Hulu live. You charge way to much and it keeps going up not to have all the local channels. All you rich people need to get your heads out of your asses.

  13.  Avatar

    ABC is one of the important channels and they need to get it back. They already charge way too much as it is taken away. One of our major channels of our local area is not acceptable.

  14. Prices going up, channels dropping.. losing ABC is totally frustrating! Time to start shopping.. cutting the cord doesn’t seem to be working!

  15.  Avatar

    I just signed up for this to watch live TV and now the number one channel that I watch is being discontinued. I’m not sure if I’m even gonna keep using this or not. This is very disappointing.

  16. Hulu should be giving a rebate and/or price cut.

  17. Live ABC streaming was my favorite channel.
    How can we get it back! Is there a petition to sign, etc?

    1. John Finn Avatar
      John Finn

      Hi Nancy,

      At the moment, there’s not much choice.

      It is possible a deal will be done, but until then, best to look for an alternate way to watch ABC.

  18. The Henson's Avatar
    The Henson’s

    Won’t be continuing to pay for Hulu if I don’t have access to live abc streaming, it is one of my most watched channels and we pay quite dearly to be able to watch it live on Hulu

    1. I watch abc probably 80% of the time. I will need to switch providers if abc is not restored

    2.  Avatar

      Yeah, they need to get it back. ABC is one of the important ones so they need to make whatever deal they need to make and I’ve already charging us an arm and a leg to have the live TV. Don’t take away are good standard station that we rely on.

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