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The Cost Of Hulu Live TV To Increase To $76.99 a Month In October


Hulu Live TV channels 2022

The cost of a Hulu Live TV subscription will increase to $76.99 a month in October. As this price increase affects the cost of the base plan, those signed up to the No Ads version will also see their price increase as well.

After originally launching at just $39.99 a month, the cost of Hulu Live TV has continually increased over the years. The last time the price increased was back in December 2021 when the price rose by 5 a month to its current $69.99 a month rate. Starting this October, the price will rise again, and this time by $7 a month.

Disney has confirmed that the cost of the base Hulu Live TV plan will increase to $76.99 a month from October 12, resulting in a $7 a month increase. For those signed up to the No Ads version, their price will increase from the current $82.99 a month to $89.99 a month on October 12.

As is typically the case with price increases, anyone signing up to Hulu Live TV on or after October 12 will automatically start paying the new, higher rate. When it comes to existing subscribers, the date they will begin paying the higher rate depends on their individual billing cycle.

At the new $76.99 price, Hulu is suddenly an even more expensive service, and is actually now more expensive than the entry-level plans offered by most other live TV streaming services.

Of course, Hulu Live TV does also come with access to the basic Hulu library, Disney Plus and ESPN Plus, and these additional savings help to lower the price of the live TV portion of the subscription. Well, for homes that would otherwise be signing up for these additional subscriptions on top of a live TV plan.

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