Konka TVs Powered by Android TV Coming to the US in 2020

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Konka will release a selection of new TVs powered by Android TV in the U.S. in 2020. The company made the announcement to coincide with the Consumer Electronics Show. CES 2020 takes place in Las Vegas between January 7 and 10 with Konka confirming the new TVs will be on show at the event.


Konka might not be a company many U.S. consumers are familiar with but it is a large brand in its home country. For example, in the press release Konka credits itself with being “one of the top five TV brands in China.” With the company already selling a variety of TVs elsewhere in the world, this announcement confirms Konka’s intention to expand its presence in the U.S. with a selection of TVs aimed at different price sectors.

According to the announcement, Konka intends to cement itself as a “high-value, high-performance” option in the U.S. TV market.


Konka bringing new Android TV products to the U.S.

Konka has now confirmed it is bringing four new TV lines to the U.S. with all of them running on the Android TV platform. These are the H3 series, U5 series, Q7 series, and X11 series. The company has also provided brief information about each of these.

Konka H3 series

The Konka H3 series is designed to be the most affordable of the U.S.-bound TV sets and consists of two main options.

  • 32 inch H3 series TV priced at $199.99
  • 40 inch H3 series TV priced at $299.99

Both sizes feature DynaBright dynamic dimming, AccuMotion 120, a ZeroBezel design, and a voice control remote to complement the Android TV experience.

Considering the low cost, these TVs are set to become one of the most affordable ways consumers in the U.S. can add the Android TV experience to their home through a TV set with Google’s Android platform built-in.


Konka U5 series

Taking the game to the next level, the U5 Series is being positioned as the company’s main offering, designed to offer the best performance at the best price. Buyers will have five options to choose from with the U5 series prices starting at $399.

  • 43 inch U5 series TV priced at $399.99
  • 50 inch U5 series TV priced at $499.99
  • 55 inch U5 series TV priced at $599.99
  • 65 inch U5 series TV priced at $999.99
  • 75 inch U5 series TV priced at $1,499.99

The U5 series features the XC3 UHD Engine with CrystalView, DeepBlack and PurePalette clarity and color enhancers. This is in addition to the use of HiBright Pro Backlight and ColorWave for an improved brightness and lifelike colors, respectively. As is the case with the H3 series, the U5 series also features DynaBright, AccuMotion 120, and a voice control remote.


Konka Q7 series

Upping the game once more, the Q7 series comes with many of the same features and benefits as the other two lines but with the addition of a Quantum Dot Technology (QLED) display. The Q7 series also results in a slight increase in price with four sizes to choose from.

  • 50 inch Q7 series TV priced at $699.99
  • 55 inch Q7 series TV priced at $799.99
  • 65 inch Q7 series TV priced at $1,199.99
  • 75 inch Q7 series TV priced at $1,999.99

In addition to all of the features provided by the U5 and H3 lines, the Q7 series also features ColorWave and a “Pro” version of the ZeroBezel design which the company states results in an “amazing” look whether the TV is on or off.

Konka X11 series

Completing the new U.S. lines is the X11 series and this one looks to increase the experience through the use of OLED technology. All of the X11 series are OLED TVs and are designed to provide a clearer picture with deeper blacks.

The X11 series looks to achieve this through the use of a HiBright Ultra OLED panel featuring ColorWave for an ultra wide color gamut. The X11 series also comes with the same ZeroBezel design as the other lines, albeit this time it’s the “Ultra” version equipped with a built-in soundbar.


Konka has confirmed the X11 series will be available to buy in both 55 and 65 inch models, although the company has yet to provide pricing information.

Source: AVSforum

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