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Latest DirecTV Free Preview Unlocks Access To MGM+


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DirecTV is offering another free preview this week and this time it is the turn of MGM+. The free preview went live today (June 13) and will remains available through Sunday (June 16). During this time, DirecTV’s video customers can watch as much MGM+ as they like at no additional cost.

As this is a DirecTV-wide free preview, it is available to DirecTV customers, DirecTV Stream subscribers, and U-verse customers. In addition to the main MGM+ channel, the free preview also unlocks access to other MGM+ channels as well, although the exact selection depends on the service.

DirecTV customers and DirecTV Stream subscribers now have access to the following channels:

  • MGM+ (Ch. 558)
  • MGM+ Hits (Ch. 559)
  • MGM+ Marquee – (Ch. 560)

U-verse customers now have access to the following channels:

  • MGM+ (Ch. 891/1891)
  • MGM+ West (Ch. 892/1892)
  • MGM+ Hits (Ch. 893/1893)
  • MGM+ Marquee (Ch. 1894)
  • MGM+ Drive-In (Ch. 896)

Thanks to the free preview, DirecTV, DirecTV Stream and U-verse customers will be able to tune and watch the premiere of Hotel Cocaine on June 16. This is in addition to a varied selection of movies, including newer titles like The Beekeeper and Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning.

For those that would like to retain access to MGM+ after the free trial comes to an end, the premium add-on can be added to any DirecTV or DirecTV Stream live TV package for an additional $5.99 a month.

If new to DirecTV Stream in general, and now considering signing up, DirecTV Stream is still offering MGM+ for free for the first three months when adding the premium service to one of the base live TV packages.

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