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Max Autoplays Previews — Here’s How To Turn Them Off


Max app home Screen

If you opened HBO Max today then you may have noticed that the streaming service has transformed into Max. After dropping the HBO name, the service now offers access to even more content, new features, and changes to some existing features, including Autoplay Previews.

In a similar way to how Netflix and other streaming services work, Max also offers the option to watch a preview of a video while browsing. Technically, HBO Max offered this feature as well, but if memory serves, it was disabled by default.

With Max, Autoplay Previews are on by default and this will quickly become apparent when you launch the app for the first time. For those that do find the autoplaying of previews to be too annoying, it is possible to turn them off.

How to turn off Autoplay Previews on Max:

  1. Open Max app
  2. Open main menu (click right)
  3. Click Settings
  4. Disable Autoplay Previews (under Playback)

As this only disables Autoplay Previews on that specific device, subscribers will need to repeat this process on all devices linked to the same account.

Max Autoplay Previews
Max Autoplay Previews

While it also possible to disable the previews via the Max website, that option will only disable them when accessing the service via a browser, albeit all browsers accessed with the same account

It should also be noted that Autoplay Previews aren’t available on every device. Specifically, the option is completely missing from mobile devices, so you won’t have to worry about disabling previews on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices.

For reference, the Playback section of the settings is also where you can disable Autoplay Next Episode if you don’t want episodes continually starting after the previous ones end.

Similar to Autoplay Previews, this is also a per-device setting, so any changes made to Autoplay Next Episode will need to be applied to each device separately.

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