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MGM Plus Review: Is It Worth $6 Per Month?

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MGM Plus is one of those streaming services that’s both new and old at the same time. For those familiar with Epix then MGM Plus isn’t all that different, especially considering it is the same service at its core. For those that are new to MGM Plus and Epix, here’s what you need to know.

In January of 2023, Epix was officially shut down and replaced with MGM Plus. In spite of the change in name and branding, not a whole lot has changed so far, including the plans and prices.

MGM Plus $5.99
  • Experience
  • Content
  • Device Support
  • Price

Streaming Better verdict

While MGM Plus is worth the cost of the monthly subscription, we found the $6 per month is likely to be better spent elsewhere.



No ads
Good for movies
Device support


Needs more exclusives
Lacking premium features
Too few shows
Apps feel dated

The standard cost of an MGM Plus subscription is $5.99 per month. However, the service does routine offer deals and discounts throughout the year which can help to reduce the cost on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Overall, we found MGM Plus to be a good subscription service. However, the apps feel a bit dated, and the collection of videos was a little too limited for us. As a result, and even though MGM Plus is worth the subscription cost, we are more likely to spend the $6 elsewhere each month.

MGM Plus full review

Still unsure of whether MGM Plus is the right subscription service for you? Here is our full review:

MGM Plus specs

Below is an overview of some of the main and more important specifications that you might want to be aware of before signing up.

Monthly Price$5.99
Annual Price$49.99
Simultaneous Streams4
Ad Free
On Demand
Live TV4 channels

MGM+ experience – basic but reliable

MGM Plus offers a basic app and user experience. While there’s nothing wrong with that approach in general, it does mean that there isn’t a lot to write home about either. The app was tested on various platforms for consistency, but this review mostly focuses on the smart TV (Google TV) app.

On launch the app opens to a typical home screen with content broken down by genre and type. For example, there are rows for Original Series, Feature Movies, Trending, and The Best Of MGM.

MGM Plus app best of
MGM+ app: Best of MGM

There are also some other sections that offer additional content beyond episodes and movies. For example, a Coming To MGM+ section detailing content arriving in the near future.

MGM Plus app coming soon
MGM+ app: Coming soon

And a Behind The Scenes section where users can watch featurettes related to popular movies and shows.

MGM Plus app behind scenes
MGM+ app: Behind the scenes

While there were no major issues with the reliability of the apps when tested, they were viewed as quite basic. Outside of the library of content, there’s not much to do or any real features to keep the user engaged or discovering new content.

Another example of the basic nature of the app is the general inability to make any changes or adjustments to the account. This isn’t necessarily just an issue with MGM Plus, as many other services also limited functionality in their apps.

Still, that doesn’t change the fact that the MGM Plus smart TV app doesn’t offer much in the way of options, and feels even more limiting than other competing apps.

One exception is the mobile app as it does support downloads, making it possible for subscribers to download movies and TV shows to watch offline.

MGM Plus download example
MGM+ download example

Naturally, how long it takes to download a video will depend on the length of the video and the quality of the internet connection. In one example, we found it took a little over 2 minutes and 30 seconds to download Top Gun: Maverick, a 130-minute movie.

In terms of device support, MGM Plus is a repacked version of Epix. The good news here is that means it also uses the same apps and supports the same devices as before.

In other words, and in spite of being what is technically a new streaming service, there are no major device support gaps or issues. Instead, MGM Plus is available to download on Apple TV, Fire TV, Google TV (Android TV), Roku, Android phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad. The streaming service can also be accessed via the web.

MGM+ content – plenty of classics, not enough exclusives

Arguably, one of the main reasons to consider signing up to MGM Plus is the access to the back catalog of content, to the MGM vault.

However, one of the major issues with MGM Plus is that it currently lacks enough exclusivity. Many of its movies, including many of its most popular properties, are available to stream elsewhere. For example, you can watch Fight Club on MGM Plus or on Paramount Plus.

This overlap between MGM Plus and Paramount Plus is a real issue and even affects newer titles. For example, 80 For Brady is another movie which you can watch on either streaming service.

MGM Plus app movies
MGM+ app: Features movies

The reason for this overlap dates back to when the service was still known as Epix. Back then, a deal was stuck with Paramount to share access to a bunch of content. While good in principle, the reality is that if you are already signed up to Paramount Plus then you may not see enough value in also paying each month for MGM Plus.

That’s not to say there are no exclusives, as there are, and A Spy Among Friends is one of the most recent examples. While this is an example of content that adds value, it still remains to be seen if there’s enough added value to pay for MGM Plus on top of the cost of other subscriptions.

MGM Plus app original series
MGM+ app: Original series

For what it’s worth, this issue is could work itself out over time. As part of its transition from Epix to MGM Plus, the goal always has been to add more content, and that goal is likely to become reality as time goes on.

Live TV on MGM+

On-demand aside, MGM Plus does add some additional value through its live section. Yes, similar to many other streaming services nowadays, including Paramount Plus and Peacock, MGM Plus also offer a live element within the app.

MGM Plus app live tv
MGM+ app: Live tv

In total, the app offers subscribers access to the four following linear channels:

  • MGM+
  • MGM+ Hits
  • MGM+ Marquee
  • MGM+ Drive-In

As these are linear channels, subscribers can simply tune in and start watching whatever happens to be playing at that time. If already signed up to a live TV package that includes the MGM+ (formerly Epix) linear channel, then this probably won’t offer quite as much value.

For those without a live TV plan, however, it’s another benefit of having a standalone subscription.

It should be noted that access to the live element may vary for users depending on the devices they are using. For example, it doesn’t look like it is possible to watch any of the live channels when using the MGM Plus website.

Review summary — is MGM+ worth it?

As mentioned at the top of this review, MGM Plus is one of those services that’s both new and old at the same time, and that is a good way of summing up our experience. The app and service is new, but feels dated, as does its user experience and catalog of content.

While not the most flattering of descriptions, it is not necessarily negative either. What MGM Plus offers is access to a wide library of movies and shows, and at a monthly price that’s cheaper than many other services.

Even though the experience and selection won’t suit everyone, including us, there are plenty that will find MGM Plus offers exactly what they are looking for, and at a price that’s reasonable.

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