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Netflix’s $7 Plan Finally Works On Apple TV


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Netflix’s Basic with ads plan has finally gained Apple TV device support, allowing users of the popular player to actually sign up to the cheapest plan and watch it on their preferred player.

Netflix made a fairly big change back in November of last year with the launch of its newest Basic with ads tier. As the name suggests, and in return for a cheaper monthly price, Basic with ads includes ads. At launch, however, the plan was not compatible with Apple TV.

Any users attempting to watch with this plan on an Apple TV player would typically be presented with a message asking them to either upgrade their plan or use a different device.

That now appears to have changed following the latest update to the Netflix app. It is unclear when exactly the change was made, but users on Reddit have started to notice that the Netflix app on Apple TV works normally when signed in with a Basic with ads subscription.

The “Basic with ads isn’t supported on Apple TV” warning message that was previously visible in Netflix’s help center has also now been removed, somewhat officially confirming that the ad-supported plan and Apple TV now play nicely with each other.

Of course, whether someone should sign up to Basic with ads plan is another matter entirely. While the monthly price is cheaper, the addition of ads is not the only difference. The Basic with ads plan is also limited to just 720p which is likely to put a number of Apple TV users off, and especially those that have paid a higher price for an Apple TV 4K player.

In separate, but related news, it seems like Netflix games might soon be coming to smart TVs and streaming players. What’s more, according to a recent report from Bloomberg, subscribers will be able to use their iPhone as a controller while playing the games.

Even though the option to game on Netflix has been around for some time now, it has been resigned to mobile devices. Opening up the ability to play on a smart TV would mark a fairly major upgrade in device support.

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