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Netflix Now Lets You Create Your Very Own Gamer Handle

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Netflix gamer handle

Netflix has now started rolling out game handles, making it possible for subscribers to further customize their gaming experience. Although movies and TV shows are what typically come to mind when thinking of Netflix, the streaming service has slowly been expanding into games recently.

Even though the gaming experience is unlikely to rival dedicated game consoles and devices, it is one that’s offered to subscribers at no additional cost. That is, there are no fees to play any of the games, no in-app purchases to worry about, and no ads shown during the games. Put simply, gaming through Netflix is one of the perks of having a paid subscription.

To further help personalize that experience, Netflix has now launched game handles, allowing users to create their own unique username, or gamertag. This name can then be seen by others when playing multi-player games, and used across different games. The option to create a new Netflix game handle is available on both Android and iOS devices, although the method is slightly different for each platform.

If using an Android device, the user can simply open the Netflix app, click on the Games tab at the bottom, scroll down and then click on the Get Started button beneath Create your Netflix game handle. The user will then be able to create their unique name using only numbers and letters.

Netflix game handle Android setup
Android Netflix game handle set up page

If using an iOS device, then the option to create a game handle cannot currently be accessed due to the lack of a Games section in the app. Instead, Netflix advises that iOS users will need to download either Rival Pirates or Lucky Luna from the App Store. They will then be able to create a unique handle when prompted to within the game.

Regardless of whether creating on Android or on iOS, the game handle will then be shown publicly when gaming instead of the actual user profile name. In addition, it is possible for Netflix subscribers to change their game handle at any time, and there doesn’t appear to be any limits on how many times the handle can be changed.

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