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New Artist-First Streaming Service ‘Sunn Stream’ Launches


Sunn Stream

A new artist-first streaming service ‘Sunn Stream‘ has now launched, offering access to a library of content which includes old classics, modern B-Movies and more. As this is a paid service, those interested in checking out what Sunn Stream has to offer will need to sign up for a subscription.

In terms of the price, a Sunn Stream subscription costs $5.99 a month. However, there is also the option to sign up for an annual plan at $59.99 a year, which works out to be around $5 a month on average. At launch, Sun Stream doesn’t appear to be offering new subscribers the option of a free trial.

Based out of Reno, Nevada, Sunn Stream advertises itself as an artist-first streaming service and “an avenue for independent artists” to showcase their content to the world. The FAQs even confirm that artists can currently submit their films to be included in the library.

As part of its commitment to artists, the service also promises to be more transparent with creators, including providing filmmakers with analytic-based insights. For example, how often their content is viewed on the platform.

We believe in the transformative power of storytelling and its ability to shape our perspectives,” said Garrett Sutton, president of SunnStream. “By providing a platform that celebrates genuine artistic expression and nurtures creativity, we aim to create an inclusive community where independent creators can thrive and audiences can discover extraordinary content that resonates with their hearts and minds.”

Another example of the service’s emphasis on supporting artists and creators is its stance against AI-generated content. Essentially, Sunn Stream doesn’t allow any AI machine-generated content on its platform.

We want to defend Brain Freedom here at SunnStream, and the rise of AI is putting it under attack,” said Sutton. “By rejecting the use of AI-generated content, we are committed to preserving the true spirit of artistry and providing a platform where independent creators can showcase their raw talent.

With this being a new streaming service, it appears to be a little light on device support at the moment. However, those with access to an Android TV/Google TV, Apple TV, Fire TV or Roku device, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices, should find they are able to download Sunn Stream through their device’s app store.

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