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An All-New NewsNation Connected TV App Is Now Available


NewsNation app on Apple TV

A new NewsNation app is now available to download on a variety of popular TV platforms. According to Nexstar Media Group, the all-new app will make it possible for even more people to access highlights and clips from the cable news channel.

While a NewsNation app is already available for many devices including smartphones, this new one is specifically designed with connected TVs in mind. In other words, the new NewsNation app can be downloaded on most major TV platforms including Android TV, AppleTV, Fire TV, Roku, and Samsung smart TVs.

Nexstar says that the new app unlocks free access to “clips and highlights of the latest news from NewsNation and important content from NewsNation’s talk show lineup.”

On top of the various news-based clips and highlights, Nexstar also confirmed that local weather reports are available through the app. The new NewsNation apps are also said to be powered by Haystack TV, an AI-based platform that’s designed to help to deliver better and more relevant clips to individual viewers.

As to be expected, the app doesn’t actually make it possible to watch the live news channel as a live TV subscription is still required. At present, Sling TV is the cheapest live TV service with access to NewsNation. The channel can be added to any of Sling’s base plans through the bundling of the $6 per month News Extra add-on, taking the total monthly cost to $46 per month.

For those looking for a cheaper solution for watching NewsNation live, it is also possible to access the channel through Level News. A subscription service that offers access to additional news channels for as little as $6 per month.

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