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New York Yankees On Prime Video: All The Games You Can Watch In 2023

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Amazon has confirmed that Prime Video will show 20 New York Yankees games during the 2023 season, providing baseball fans with a way to watch these games without the need for any additional services or subscriptions.

This is not the first time that Prime Video has stepped up to the plate as a similar situation has been in effect over the past few years. Back in March of 2022, Amazon confirmed that Prime members would be able to stream 21 New York Yankees games on Prime Video during the season, and that number was offered once again in 2022.

Similar to last year, and just ahead of Opening Day, Amazon has announced that Prime Video will be the streaming home of a number of Yankees regular season games this year. As was also the case last year, all of these games will be available to Prime members at no additional cost. Of course, as these are Yankees games, they are only available to Prime members located in New York State, Connecticut, north and central New Jersey and northeast Pennsylvania.

The first of the games to be shown on Prime Video will take place on April 4th when the New York Yankees host the Philadelphia Phillies.

Games available to watch for free through Prime Video:

April 4Philadelphia Phillies7:00 PM
April 19Los Angeles Angels7:00 PM
May 3Cleveland Guardians7:00 PM
May 17Toronto Blue Jays7:00 PM
May 24Baltimore Orioles7:00 PM
June 21Seattle Mariners7:00 PM
June 30St. Louis Cardinals8:00 PM
July 5Baltimore Orioles7:00 PM
July 8Chicago Cubs1:00 PM
July 19Los Angeles Angels7:00 PM
August 2Tampa Bay Rays7:00 PM
August 4Houston Astros7:00 PM
August 16Atlanta Braves7:00 PM
August 18Boston Red Sox7:00 PM
August 20Boston Red Sox1:30 PM
September 1Houston Astros8:00 PM
September 11Boston Red Sox7:00 PM
September 13Boston Red Sox7:00 PM
September 20Toronto Blue Jays7:00 PM
September 27Toronto Blue Jays7:00 PM

For reference, games will be available to watch as a replay on Prime Video for 48 hours after they have ended. For those based outside the area, an MLB.TV subscription can be used to watch any of the Prime Video Yankees games outside of the Yankees’ home-team footprint.

In addition to the main games, Prime Video will once again be hosting a 30-minute pregame show hosted by Meredith Marakovits for home games. Pre-game shows for away games will be hosted by Bob Lorenz while Marakovits provides live interviews and reports from the field. In-game coverage will be provided by Michael Kay who will be joined by David Cone, Paul O’Neill, John Flaherty and Jeff Nelson.

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