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Sling TV Has Been Dealing With A NewsNation Issue Since Late Last Week


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Sling TV is experiencing an issue with NewsNation. While it is currently unclear what’s causing the problem and when it will be fixed, Sling says it is aware of the issue and working on a solution.

The Nexstar-owned NewsNation was added to Sling TV in early 2021 and it is only available by adding the $6 per month News Extra add-on to either the Sling Orange or the Sling Blue base plan.

As subscribers do have to pay extra for this add-on, it is understandable that many of those signed up for the news upgrade would be unhappy with an outage. That appears to be exactly what’s happening right now, with NewsNation down on Sling TV.

Sling subscribers first started noticing the issue late last week, when the NewsNation channel began displaying a ‘we’re having technical issues’ message. The message also explained that it is “working with the programmer to restore the signal as quickly as possible.”

Since then, however, not much has changed with subscribers still unable to access the network at all.

While Sling TV hasn’t actively announced an issue, it has been replying on social media to those experiencing the problem. In one reply, Sling confirms the channel is experiencing an issue and that it is working on a solution.

In reply to a different Tweet from another unhappy subscriber, Sling again confirmed that there is an issue and explained that “we are working hard to bring this channel back as quickly as possible.”

Adding to the problem right now is that Sling TV doesn’t currently offer any TV Everywhere support for NewsNation. While Sling does offer TV Everywhere support in general, NewsNation is one of the networks that’s currently unsupported.

As a result, existing News Extra subscribers are unable to log in to the NewsNation website to watch live.

For those affected by this channel outage, it might be worth noting that NewsNation did release a new connected TV app earlier in the year. While the app won’t be a full replacement for the live channel, it might work as a temporary solution while Sling continues to work on fixing the current problem.

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