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NFL Sunday Ticket Subscribers Happy With Navigation, Multiview, Chat and Latency

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NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers are happy with the service, and in particular, the user experience. Google is also happy with the first year of YouTube’s tenure as the home of Sunday Ticket, according to Google’s Chief Business Officer.

Google’s parent company Alphabet released its fourth quarter 2023 earnings report today. While the company did confirm an increase in YouTube ad revenue to $9.2 billion, the company was relatively silent on YouTube TV, opting once again to avoid providing an update on the number of YouTube TV subscribers.

During the following Q4 2023 earnings call, however, the company did spend a small amount of time discussing NFL Sunday Ticket. In response to a question on NFL Sunday Ticket, Google’s Chief Business Officer Philipp Schindler explained subscribers like the navigation, multiview, chat, and the lack of latency. Schindler added YouTube has received “really, really positive feedback on this one.”

Schindler was also asked about NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers. In terms of the number of subscribers, Schindler stated “nothing more to share on the subs side today on this one.” However, Google’s CBO did say the company is pleased with Sunday Ticket signups in its first season in general, and via both YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels.

Earlier today, we reported on how YouTube TV had started offering a new ‘Build a multiview‘ feature, making it possible for subscribers to better customize their multiview experience. While the feature doesn’t appear to improve the selection of live sports feeds, it does make it easier to choose from the existing selection of feeds

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