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NFL Sunday Ticket On YouTube And youTube TV: Cost, Streams, Multiview And More


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If you are considering signing up to NFL Sunday Ticket then you might have some questions about how it all works. Hopefully, we can answer many of the most common ones right here, including the cost, the number of streams, multiview and more.

Before jumping in, it is worth mentioning that there are now two ways to subscribe to Sunday Ticket — through YouTube as a standalone Primetime Channel subscription or through YouTube TV as a paid add-on to the base live TV plan.

While most of the benefits and limitations are the same for both subscription options, there are some differences that may help in deciding which one is the best option for you.

What’s included with Sunday Ticket?

Sunday Ticket subscribers get access to out-of-market Sunday games during the regular season. In other words, games that are not available on local broadcast channels in your area.

When bundling Sunday Ticket with the base YouTube TV plan, subscribers get access to a wide range of games, including preseason, local and national games, out-of-market Sunday games, playoffs and the Super Bowl.

For those that want access to even more NFL content during the season, it is also possible to bundle Sunday Ticket with NFL RedZone. The option to bundle the two NFL subscriptions is available to both YouTube and YouTube TV subscribers.

How much is NFL Sunday Ticket?

The cost of Sunday Ticket depends on whether you sign up through YouTube or through YouTube TV, and bundling Sunday Ticket with RedZone also affects the cost.

YouTubeYouTube TV
Sunday Ticket$449$349
with RedZone$489$389

As YouTube TV requires Sunday Ticket subscribers to maintain access to the base plan, the price of Sunday Ticket through YouTube TV costs an additional $72.99 a month during the regular season.

YouTube and YouTube TV don’t offer a refund on Sunday Ticket, so it is important to pick the right subscription method before signing up.

Can you pay monthly for Sunday Ticket?

Yes, both YouTube and YouTube TV offer the option to pay monthly for NFL Sunday Ticket. What’s more, monthly subscribers pay exactly the same price as those paying in full.

When signing up for the monthly plan, payments are split over four months, and the exact amount a subscriber pays depends on whether they are a YouTube user or YouTube TV subscriber.

MonthlyYouTubeYouTube TV
Sunday Ticket$112.25/mo$87.25/mo
with RedZone$122.25/mo$97.75/mo

Is there a Sunday Ticket free trial?

YouTube and YouTube TV do not currently offer a free trial with Sunday Ticket. However, that may change once the season begins. Last year, for example, YouTube began offering a 7-day Sunday Ticket free trial in September.

If signing up to Sunday Ticket through YouTube TV, and not currently a YouTube TV subscriber, then it is usually possible to get a free trial of YouTube TV. However, if no free trial is available for Sunday Ticket at the same time, subscribers will need to pay the price of Sunday Ticket when adding it to the base plan. Due to this, new YouTube TV subscribers may want to wait until their free trial has ended before adding Sunday Ticket.

Is there a Sunday Ticket student discount?

Yes, YouTube offers a Sunday Ticket student discount, which brings the price down to just $199. If also wanting access to NFL RedZone, the Sunday Ticket and RedZone bundle costs $209.

YouTubeSunday Ticketwith RedZone

While YouTube TV subscribers cannot sign up to a student Sunday Ticket through YouTube TV, they can sign up through YouTube Primetime Channels and then access Sunday Ticket through the YouTube TV app, so long as both subscriptions are linked to the same Google account.

As is typically the case with any streaming service student discount, students will need to prove eligibility by verifying their student status. In addition, a student Sunday Ticket subscriber is limited to watching Sunday Ticket on a single device at a time.

How many devices can you watch Sunday Ticket on?

You can watch Sunday Ticket on an unlimited number of devices at the same time, so long as those devices are connected to the home network. This is irrespective of whether signing up through YouTube or YouTube TV.

Although YouTube TV base plan subscribers (without the 4K Plus add-on) are limited to just three streams, Sunday Ticket streams are treated differently and do not affect any of the non-Sunday Ticket streams.

Regardless of whether signed up to YouTube or YouTube TV, Sunday Ticket streams are limited to two when accessing the service outside of the home network.

Those signed up to a student Sunday Ticket subscription should note that they are limited to watching on just one device at a time, irrespective of whether at home or away from home.

Sunday Ticket And multiview

Multiview offers the option to watch up to four streams at the same time on the same screen. In multiview mode, each stream is shown in a smaller window than usual, making it possible to watch multiple games at the same time.

As four is the maximum and not the default, it is also possible to watch two or three feeds at the same time.

In addition to selecting any of the preselected combinations, it is also possible to use the ‘Build a multiview’ feature to customize the selection of streams. While this feature offers more customization options, not every combination is possible, so subscribers may find there are times when they can’t choose the exact selection of streams they want.

Does Sunday Ticket automatically renew Each year?

Sunday Ticket does automatically renew if signed up to the YouTube Primetime Channel. YouTube users can make sure the subscription doesn’t automatically renew by navigating to the Primetime Channels settings on YouTube and canceling auto-renewal.

Sunday Ticket does not automatically renew if signed up through YouTube TV. As Sunday Ticket is considered a one-off subscription, YouTube TV subscribers will need to manually purchase the subscription again each year.

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