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NordVPN App Now Available On Apple TV Players Running tvOS 17


NordVPN Apple TV tvOS 17

The NordVPN app is now available to download on Apple TV players running tvOS 17. One of the big changes with the launch of tvOS 17 was the introduction of native support for VPNs, leading to popular VPN companies launching their own apps on Apple TV.

NordVPN is the latest to launch with the app specifically designed with Apple TV in mind. The app is available to download now from the App Store on supported players.

While it was previously possible to use NordVPN with an Apple TV player by connecting the VPN at the Wi-Fi router level, the new app makes it possible to enable the VPN directly on the device, skipping the need to connect it to the router.

Unlike some other VPN services, NordVPN does require an active subscription. So even though the app is now available, Apple TV users will still need to have a NordVPN subscription or sign up for one before they can actually enable the service on their Apple TV player.

Typically speaking, NordVPN offers a variety of plans ranging from 1 month to 2 years. However, Apple TV users may find the range of plans to be more limited, or priced differently, if signing up directly through the new tvOS 17 app.

Once the app is downloaded on an Apple TV player, and signed in to with a NordVPN account that has an active subscription attached to it, the user can simply click on the Quick Connect button to enable the VPN. Alternatively, make use of the various advanced options to tailor the virtual private network to their specific device and location needs.

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