NVIDIA SHIELD Upgrade 8.1.1 Now Rolling out to 2019 SHIELD TV Devices

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NVIDIA SHIELD 2019 devices are now in the process of receiving an update. In terms of frequency of updates, NVIDIA’s SHIELD devices remain some of the best-supported Android TV devices.


The update started rolling out today and once applied upgrades the system to SHIELD Experience Upgrade 8.1.1. By the looks of it, this update specifically applies to the 2019 SHIELD TV and the 2019 SHIELD TV Pro and therefore owners of 2015 and 2017 SHIELD TV units should not be expecting an update to arrive on their device.

Those older models did receive their own dedicated update in January and there appears to be a significant overlap between the two upgrades. For example both the 8.0.2 update for the 2015 and 2017 models and the 8.1.1 update for the 2019 models list the following as enhancements:

  • Adds support for the new XBOX Elite 2 controller.
  • Adds support for Sanskrit USB DAC.
  • Channels DVR app can now store recorded content on NAS.

Of course, that’s only the main ones listed on the main announcement page, as there also appears to be multiple minor fixes and improvements packaged with this update, including HDR and HDR10+ patches. Those interested can check out the full list of bug fixes and improvements included in the 8.1.1 update for the 2019 SHIELD TV and Pro here.


Not quite as impressive as the 2015 and 2017 update

Without a doubt, if this update includes any fixes for an issue an individual user is encountering then it will be a good update. However, overall the upgrade looks to be more of a general maintenance one than an update that adds any major new features. Although the additional support for the Xbox Elite 2 controller and Channels DVR app are likely to be useful for some SHIELD TV owners.

In contrast, the recent 8.0.2 update also added support for new SHIELD Remote. The new remote comes with many new features as well as a new design and works with both the 2015 and 2017 versions. Needless to say, as the remote comes bundled with the 2019 version, the newer SHIELD TV has had the same remote support since launch.


Source: NVIDIA

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