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Paramount Plus LG TV Support Expands To More Countries

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Paramount Plus is already available to download on LG TVs, but that does depend on the country. For example, while US subscribers to the streaming service should have no issues downloading the app on their LG TV, those in other countries have had to wait for support in their location to become available. Today, confirmation came that support is now starting to expand to more countries.

AT CES 2023, LG confirmed that Paramount Plus is available to download on its smart TVs in the UK and Ireland starting today. Technically, the announcement came from Paramount Streaming’s Tom Ryan who was at LG’s CES 2023 event to provide the latest update on LG TV support. Ryan also confirmed that the arrival of Paramount Plus support in the UK and Ireland is only the start of the streaming service’s LG TV global expansion, with support now expected to expand to other countries in the near future. In some cases, in the coming days.

Providing Paramount Plus support for LG TVs is available in a subscriber’s location, installing the streaming service is simple enough as the app can be downloaded directly from the Apps section of the LG Content Store. It is also worth noting that LG support doesn’t extend to all smart TV models, although those with a TV from 2018 or later shouldn’t run into too many problems when trying to install the app.

In a separate but related announcement, Ryan also confirmed that the partnership between free streaming service Pluto TV and LG is expanding further. This expansion will result in more than 100 channels being added to LG Channels on LG smart TVs later in this quarter, and globally.

Paramount Plus and Pluto TV aside, LG also announced a number of new TVs that are set to become available this year. The 2023 lineup includes a range of OLED TVs that feature premium self-lit picture quality, an enhanced webOS platform, and more powerful image processing technologies.

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