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Paramount Plus Is Now Available On Sony’s PS5


Paramount Plus PS5

Paramount Plus has now added the PS5 as a supported device, providing owners of Sony’s PlayStation 5 with another way to access the service. While Paramount Plus was already available on a number of different devices and platforms, including the PlayStation 4, the list of supported devices still had some notably gaps, including the PS5.

Paramount Plus brings together content from a collection of networks, and for those signed up to the Premium Plus subscription, it also unlocks access to the subscriber’s local CBS station. All of which can make it a good addition to a home’s streaming setup, so long as the home has a currently supported device to access the service on.

Paramount Plus seems to have officially added support late last week. Since then, the company has been busy updating its help pages to reflect the app is now available to download on PS5. For example, this help page was only listing PlayStation 4 as a support device earlier this week, but has since been updated to reflect support for both PlayStation 4 and 5. The same is also the case for the main supported devices page.

To download the app through the Sony PlayStation store on the console, simply navigate to the All Apps section and then either search by name or move through the list of video and media apps until you find Paramount Plus. Then just download the app as normal and launch it through the Media section of the settings menu.

Paramount plus app on PS5
Paramount+ can be found in the All Apps section

As a reminder for those new to this streaming service and now considering setting it up on a PS5, there are two Paramount Plus plans to choose from. The cheapest is the $4.99 Essential plan which unlocks access to the main on-demand library and some live sports including NFL and Champions League. Then there’s the $9.99 per month Premium plan which offers everything Essential does but without the ads (for the most part). Premium also unlock the local CBS station for the area and the ability to download shows to watch at a later time. However, downloads are specifically for use on mobile devices, so this won’t be one of the Paramount Plus features available on the PlayStation 5.

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  1. downloaded the Paramount Plus app on the PS5, however, its not even 1080p resolution

  2. Too bad it doesn’t work on ps5- when attempting to download. It is only supported on ps4

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