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Paramount+ Now Includes Showtime, But Subscribers Also Pay More Each Month


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Paramount Plus Premium subscribers now have access to even more content, thanks to the unlocking of Showtime titles. However, they also now pay more each month for their subscription. Even though Essential subscribers also now pay more each month for their plan, they don’t get access to any additional content.

While these changes should not come too much of a surprise, considering they were publicly announced last month, Paramount Plus has been emailing those affected this morning to confirm the changes to their subscription have now taken effect.

For those that were signed up to the Paramount Plus Premium plan, they are now Paramount+ with Showtime subscribers, and as the name suggests, the change also means they now have access to Showtime content as well. The downside here is that the cost of their subscription has risen from $9.99 per month to $11.99 per month.

When exactly an individual subscriber will begin paying this higher amount depends on when their existing billing period comes to an end.

If signed up to the ad-supported Essential plan, things are a little worse than before. To begin with, the price has increased from $4.99 per month to $5.99 per month, and again, the exact date an Essential subscriber will begin paying the increased rate will depend on when the current subscription period is due to renew.

Unlike ad-free subscribers, however, Essential subscribers haven’t received any boost in content. Instead, they simply now pay more than they did before for the same subscription.

As is typically the case with price increases, these changes have also resulted in an increase to the price of the Paramount Plus annual plans as well. If signing up to a yearly Essential subscription, the cost is now $59.99. Likewise, the cost of the annual Paramount+ with Showtime (formerly Premium) subscription has increased to $119.99.

For those currently considering signing up to Paramount Plus as a new subscriber, the new higher prices are already in effect. As a result, those signing up to Essential will pay $5.99 per month (or $59.99/year), while those signing up to Paramount+ with Showtime will pay $11.99 per month ($119.99/year) after the free trial.

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