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Paramount Plus Is Getting A Price Increase Next Month


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The cost of a Paramount Plus subscription will increase in June. While the increase is timed to coincide with the merging of Showtime, only those paying for the more expensive Paramount Plus plan will actually benefit from the merger.

At present, Paramount Plus offers two main subscription options for homes to choose between. There’s the $4.99 per month Essential plan, which comes with ads, and the $9.99 per month Premium ad-free plan. Both subscription tiers are due to go up in price next month.

On June 27th, the Essential plan is due to increase by $1 taking the cost of the ad-supported plan up to $5.99 per month. The Premium plan will increase by $2 per month on the same day, taking the cost of the ad-free plan up to $11.99 per month.

At the same time, the ad-free Premium plan will also be rebranded as the Paramount+ with Showtime plan. A move designed to highlight the availability of Showtime content with the plan.

Paramount had previously confirmed that the merging of the two services would result in the addition of a Paramount+ with Showtime subscription tier, and had also hinted at a price increase. However, what was less clear is whether the Paramount+ with Showtime tier would be offered in addition to the existing ad-free plan.

That’s clearly not what is happening. With the Paramount+ with Showtime plan replacing the existing ad-free plan, those looking for a Paramount Plus only subscription won’t have any choice other than signing up to the ad-supported Paramount Plus plan and sitting through the ads.

For reference, Paramount did recently decrease the price of its Paramount Plus and Showtime bundle down to $11.99 per month. As that’s the price of the new Paramount+ with Showtime plan, those already signed up to the bundle shouldn’t notice any difference in the amount they pay each month or the product they receive.

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  1. why am I being charged $10.39 a month don’t see that price anywhere

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