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Why Paramount+ Premium (Ad-Free) Subscribers Still See Ads

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Paramount+ offers a Premium plan that removes the ads, but there are still times when ad-free subscribers might encounter commercials. The exact reason can vary, depending on the content being watched and the ad itself. If this is a recurring problem and too many ads are being shown when streaming, then it may be an indication that there is a problem. However, in most cases, the ads seen by ad-free customers are intentional and that’s unlikely to change.


Paramount+ launched in early 2021 with plans starting from as little as $4.99 per month. Technically, the cheapest plan at launch was $5.99 per month, but that has since changed with the introduction of the $4.99 plan. Regardless of the cost of the cheapest Paramount+ plan, there is the option to go premium for $9.99 per month.

Generally speaking, there are very few differences between the Essential and Premium plans other than access to CBS local channels and the option to watch without commercials. Considering the ad-free experience will be the main difference for most subscribers, it can be frustrating when launching an episode or movie only to see an ad. However, there are reasons.


Paramount+ Premium is ad-free (most of the time)

Paramount’s Premium plan is an ad-free subscription. Therefore, subscribers should not see commercials when streaming videos. However, there is a major caveat here, as the ad-free experience only applies to other companies. As explained in a help post, Paramount+ will still occasionally show Paramount+ commercials, even to those subscribers paying for the Premium experience.

The company says this decision is designed to showcase the content that’s available to stream through the service. In this sense, it could be a useful way to find more shows and movies might to watch. However, they are still adverts, not shown by mistake, and there’s currently no way to stop them from showing.

Besides promoting its own programming, there may also be occasions when ads for other companies and products are shown during episodes and movies, due to programming agreements. In other words, these ads are specific to the show. As these are the result of contractual agreements, they could be subject to change at any time. For example, ads might be seen right now during episodes of American Gothic, BrainDead, Limitless and Salvation, as well as Life In Pieces, Madam Secretary and NCIS. If encountering ads specifically during these shows, this is intentional again, even for Premium subscribers.


Expect ads when watching CBS live

Besides the ad-free experience, the other major difference between the Premium and Essentials plan is the option to stream local CBS channels at no additional cost. This was also previously available to those on the cheaper plan, and still is for those on the older $5.99 ‘Limited Commercials’ plan, but was removed when the $4.99 plan launched.

Regardless of the cheaper plan, subscribers to the former ‘Commercial Free’ or the current ‘Premium’ plan have access to their local CBS channel. However, as these are live broadcasts of what’s playing on the channel right now, there is no way to escape the commercial breaks. While Paramount+ offers an ad-free subscription, that doesn’t apply to any live content, whether it’s CBS or not.

If encountering ads while watching a local CBS live stream, this is to be expected. Again, there is no option to remove these ads, even for those on an ad-free Paramount+ plan.


Are there too many ads?

Even though Paramount+ does occasionally show ads to ad-free subscribers, they shouldn’t be too excessive. When it comes to the company’s own promotional and marketing ads, Paramount+ refers to them as a “quick” break in programming. In other words, they should not run any longer than 10-15 seconds. If the ad breaks are much longer than this, or too frequent, then it could be an issue with the subscription.

If the subscriber’s commercial-free experience does not match what’s described above and they think they might be receiving an experience that’s more similar to the cheaper plan than the ad-free plan, then there is an option to try which might fix the issue. In those instances, Paramount+ recommends completely signing out of the account on a device and then signing back in again. The service does not specifically state why this might work, but it is fair to assume that the process of signing out and back in checks and validates the current subscription tier. If the user is receiving the ‘with ads’ experience instead of the ad-free experience, the logging back in again might authenticate the correct subscription level, removing the ads.

Again, the one exception to all of this is the CBS local live streams. As these are shown live, there’s no way to stop them from showing as frequently as they do or for as long as they do. Therefore, logging out of the app and back in again won’t make any difference to the duration or frequency of commercials shown on CBS local live streams.


Paramount+ ad-free plan summary

The former Commercial Free and current Premium Paramount+ plans are ad-free plans and this means subscribers can expect to watch episodes, movies and original content without encountering ads. However, it doesn’t mean that will be the case in all circumstances, with Paramount+ still showing ads to ad-free subscribers. Most commonly, ad-free subscribers are likely to see short 10-15 second ad breaks for the service’s own programming, as well as standard commercial breaks when watching local CBS live streams.

In addition, and as a result of agreements with networks and content providers, Commercial Free and Premium Paramount+ subscribers may also encounter ads when watching select shows. As these ads are specifically related to the show and not the subscription, they are subject to change over time. Unless the ad breaks are substantially longer or shown more frequently than they should be, the ads shown to Paramount+ ad-free subscribers are intentional and cannot be turned off.

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69 replies on “Why Paramount+ Premium (Ad-Free) Subscribers Still See Ads”

OCCASIONAL promotions? The “promo ad” lasts for 2 min and came up several times in one episode! I pay for the ad-free service because I don’t want a show to be interrupted. I’d love to see what P+ has to offer but not 47 times during a show. I’m considering dropping my subscription.

Good for you. I was going to buy the premium plan but not now. They are pretty much telling their customers that your opinion doesn’t Matter them. They are in my opinion saying just that. Take it or leave it. No Paramount +, I’m not buying into that crap.

I’m canceling too. We are paying an extra $5 a month, not for live tv, specifically for nothing other than to not be forced to watch anything EXCEPT THE THINGS WE CHOOSE. Every other app that has an option for ad-free is ad-free. PREVIEWS ARE ADVERTISEMENTS NO MATTER HOW YOU PHRASE IT. When I first upgraded to premium IT WAS AD-FREE. I assume that’s to lure people into thinking that’s what they will be getting, then once you have their credit card paying a monthly fee… the adds increase until you get where I am with an ad before every single episode of every single show. And it’s only been a couple of months. Sorry Paramount+ but your app was hardly worth $9.99 if it actually was ad-free, but it’s certainly not now.

Same for me. Limited commercials would be okay, but it is nearly exactly the same for broadcast shows. Why am I paying a premium fee for so many commercials?

Thinking of cancelling mine too. First night I switched to ad-free, it was. Now it’s ads often and 4-5 at a time lasting 90 seconds or more. NOT happy.

If you want older, or classic tv shows, try Tubi.
While it has comercial breaks, comparable to live cable television, it’s free and has a plethora of classic content.
Examples: Starsky & Hutch, The Love Boat, The Partridge Family, Charlie’s Angels.

When I first got paramount plus premium a month ago, I wasn’t getting any ads. I went through a whole season of one show that I’m binge watching and there wasn’t a single ad. Now I’m in the second season and it’s an ad every 5 minutes or less.

It’s seems to be some software problem. Commercials started for me on 6/28/21 despite having a premium account. The reset works (sign out, sign back in) but I have a xfinity flex box and i had to turn it off then back on, before i signed back in.

I paid for ad free, and they started showing full commercial breaks last night. I just cancelled my subscription. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of less obnoxious options.

6 minute commercials – bought through Amazon prime so can’t try logging out and in on the app. It’s absolutely stupid.

I will be cancelling my paramount plus subscription as soon as the series I like is over. Can’t stand the ads. They are worse than regular cable tv. If everyone cancelled I bet the ads would go away. Disgusting

Might have to cancel paramount subscription if the ads dont stop breach of contract since paramount original subscription did not have ads which made streaming a plus but now the commercials make watching annoying so paramount has options lose subscribers or cancel the commercials

I payed more so I can get no ads cause I can’t stand them and I’m watching my show fine on my phone with no ads but when I put it on my TV it’s like I’m watching cable TV and I don’t like that at all so I’m gonna go a head and cancel my subscription. Cause this is a waste of Money. It’s really sad cause it wasn’t bad. But it’s pretty pathetic when you pay for no ads and you still have them.

why the heck am i seeing them commercials on Paramount+ When Im On Premium i was upset and crying because i saw them ads when i was watching everybody hates chris i saw ads what the heck wrong with this app i will use netflix and disney+ that dont have commercials


I’ve just signed up for Paramount Plus’ free 7-day trial and immediately was made to watch a 90 second commercial. I was hoping this would end when I rolled over into paid content but I see now this is not the case, based on what others have reported here. If they want to push new content on a paid subscription they should do it like Netflix and show it on your home screen WITHOUT requiring the customer to watch a commercial. I have set a reminder on, ironically, my Alexa device to cancel Paramount Plus on day six of my trial. I will never pay a company for the privilege of watching their commercials.

My dad had just upgraded today to ads free, I put on a show and immediately saw an ad. I’m going to tell my dad to downgrade because if we are going to be forced to watch ads we might as well do it for cheaper. Plus if you are trying to watch this streaming service you probably don’t care about the CBS local channels “perk”. We don’t, so it’s not a bonus or anything it not worth the extra money.
Many other streaming services actually have ad free, I’d rather go with them and stop watching the Paramount Plus exclusive content. It’s not worth such underhanded practices.

Most of these comments are lies. They show ads right before certain shows start. It is annoying but lying about it to people who are thinking about the service isn’t helping either.

it is stupid they showing Commercials my mom paid for Commercial Free On Paramount+ And Then I See Commercials Thats so dumb

Goodbye Paramount I tried to watch an Indiana Jones movie with two large box ads on the screen the whole time, ridiculous.

If Next Time There’s Is A New Streaming Service With 2 Subscription Plan Limited Commercials and Commercial Free when my mom paid for Commercial Free If I See 3 Hours Of Commercials Like TV I Swear To God I WILL LET MY MOM CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION AND I WILL SAY HBO MAX BETTER

get hbo max next time go on ad-free plan and u wont let u see ads on the best scenes On Movies & Shows if u see hbo max ads hit skip button

Like many others on here I downloaded Paramount + because some of my favorite shows have moved to this platform. I thought if I paid for Premium I would avoid ads as I’m not watching anything on CBS. Unfortunately I’m seeing an ad every 5-7 mins and it’s super annoying. Luckily I just bought the monthly subscription and not the annual membership which I was thinking about doing before seeing all these ads. IF WE ARENT WATCHING CBS, WHY ARE THERE STILL SO MANY ADS!???

Please figure this out as you can see you are losing customers!!!

Agreed it’s a bum deal. So stop paying for ad free and simply record it. Watch it 20 or 30 minutes later, zip through the ads, enjoy the show and save your money. Lots more productive than whining about something you can’t change.

Or better yet, download the series elsewhere. We just signed onto the service and I got one episode of a show, now it demands I shut down my network-wide adblocker? When we’re PAYING for “ad-free”? Excuse me? If you’re asking $10 a month from me, you’re leaving out the ads. You start stealing my time in 60-180 second blocks, that’s not ad-free, and that’s not worth $10. Not when I can download the whole series and watch it at my leisure on and offline instead.

You are taking the shows that people watch and moving them to Paramount, such as Seal Team, and replacing them with the same old on going csi after csi and still expect people to watch commercials. I and people like me are turning the channel or going to cable networks who don’t show commercials.

False advertisement! Add free? Not. We paid extra for no adds and the minute we logged on to watch Seals, we saw a string of dots…. meaning adds. We will be canceling.

Purchased trial on Paramont + to watch Yellowstone Ad free. 2 mins of ads every 10 minutes is worse than network TV. Im gone after free trial. What a come on!!!!

False advertising! What a ripoff. We will be cancelling when we finish watching our series! Can’t trust corporations and their greed!

It’s astonishing how childish most of the people above are… For God’s sake, it’s just TV; get a life, or don’t pay for it, or whatever, but you don’t have to waste other people’s time slogging through your dimwitted rantings! There weren’t more than 1 or 2 useful comments…and now I need to wash my brain out with soap to clear the mental kiddie-barf. Dolts.

You need to quit slamming others. We are retired and elderly so TV is our only entertainment. We can’t afford to pay for premium, but 3-4 long ads after about 10 minutes of viewing are annoying. Keep your comments to yourself, please.

How about you learn to grow up and scroll past things you don’t like instead of bashing others who have genuine complaints about a service they pay good money for. You come on a list of complaints to complain about the complaints!!!!

Will cancel soon, commercial free is not commercial free, trying premium and signed in and out, reloaded device with code. Commercial did not go away or were made less with Premium. Super disappointing!!!

I subscribed to paramount + to stream Yellowstone. Then I found I could not stream it even though it is from paramount. I then started following 1883 and found there were commercials that I could not fast forward through them. I would rather record the shows on cable where I can fast forward through the commercials.

I’m so glad there was a trail so I got out without wasting a dime. I’m happy to pay for my media but I refuse to shell $10/mo for ads. 90 second breaks many times in a single episode is absurd.

If no real options exist I have zero problems sailing the high seas, as it were.

If you see occasional commercials, then it is NOT an ad-free subscription. When I sign-up for AD-FREE that’s what I expect. I don’t want to see promotional Paramount+ ads either. I don’t mind seeing an Icon for a new show. If I’m interested, I’ll access it and watch a preview – but forcing me to watch ads is NOT Ad-Free!!!

Holy Cow!! Wow, was considering trying Paramount Plus. I have had Disney + for two years now and never see any ads, I have cancelled Amazon Prime for the same reason with their ads. No Thanks Paramount Plus, glad I read through all this first, thanks for input.

They know what we want and what we think we are paying for but they keep talking down to us, “it’s just one per show” or “it’s only for our content” complete BS and they know it. but without the premium the ad amounts are insane, and if they didn’t have all of star trek I would drop it

I had been telling my friends to try paramount but last night I’m trying to relax before bed with a quiet show and I get at a dozen ads in one episode. My show is quiet, slow and dark and an easy watch before bed, and the ads come in much brighter faster and louder than the content I was watching. Completely killed my sleep. To top it off I accidentally rewound it when trying to pause. I tried to forward it near the end and was forced to rewatch 5e dozen ads I was subjected to, during the show. Screw this. I’m cancelling paramount and won’t try it again until it’s not being run by dinosaurs.

Maybe paramount is over leveraged and needs the revenue so they choose to cheat us instead of having open and honest pricing without ads. Sucks for them when we all cancel their stock price is going to tank. Hopefully a bigger guy buys them out for Pennie’s on the dollar and they have better business practices than paramount.

I thought something was wrong as I was getting 1 to 2 minutes of ads. Turns out the app logged me out and I didn’t realize it. Restarted and logged back in. NO ADs!!! Double check out log in status

Got it for free with Walmart+, which is free as an employee benefit.

Signed up, signed in, turned on first movie… WTF an AD on a paid service?

For the record, one AD is excessive! ONE!

Now I’m here… I regret even adding the P+ app to my Roku. Wasted time.

Also, Closed Captioning was set to always on already? Weird that is.

just got off the phone with Paramount Plus customer service. the man started arguing with me about a promotion not being a commercial I explained to him that it was a commercial don’t care if it was a promotion or not. I pay for no commercials that’s the only reason I would pay $10 a month for something I have on cable just so I could skip the commercials now you can’t even skip the commercial that they put in there I’m sorry promotion during the middle of the show. it’s still a commercial.

I recently signed up for a year-long ad-free PP & Showtime bundle directly through the app at a discounted rate (having previously had both separately at Amazon, where I was pleased with how they worked, but paid more), and…

…I watched last Sunday’s Face the Nation today, and I got as many ads as a regular broadcast (and anyone who watches any of those Sunday talk shows on any network knows they have a TON of ads, more than fictional hour-long shows have).

You don’t get any more CBS-y than Face the Nation, and CBS sure as heck isn’t a “partner,” it’s the core of the streaming service

I logged out and back in, so let’s see if that works… because what happened when I watched today was not acceptable.

They moved Seal Team from free TV to Paramount+ and there are several commercial ads in 90 second increments. Unacceptable. Cancelling.

“Premium” subscription. Trying to watch OLD Bar Rescue episodes, and have CONSTANT ads/commercials, and they’re the same thing over and over. Paramount + might be the best streaming service at irritating their customers to the point of cancellation and don’t care about them at all. Cancelling.

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