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Paramount Shop Is The New Place To Get All Your Star Trek And Yellowstone Merch


Paramount Shop tees

Paramount Global has now unveiled and launched a new and unified ecommerce store called Paramount Shop. Similar to Netflix, Paramount is now upping its merch game by providing shoppers with the ability to buy products related to some of the company’s best and biggest franchises from a single online store.

According to Paramount Global, the new shop is stocked with more than 7,000 products which collectively represent more than 125 brands and characters. In fact, Paramount suggests that the number of unique products totals more than 50,000 overall.

Similar to how Paramount Plus is set up and works, the new Paramount Shop is not just for brands associated with Paramount Network or Paramount Plus. Instead, it also includes products related to BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and also Showtime.

To give you a few examples of some of the brands that are on offer, shoppers will find products related to Baby Shark, Beavis and Butt-Head, PAW Patrol, Scream, South Park, Star Trek, Top Gun, Yellowjackets, and Yellowstone, among many, many others.

Taking a quick look at some of the Yellowstone merch that’s now available, you could grab yourself a pair of Rip Wheeler socks for $19.95, a Yellowstone-themed version of Monopoly for $49.95, or a Y logo decanter set for $96.95. Meanwhile, Star Trek fans can pick up their very own tridimensional chess set for $174.95, as well as Star Trek-branded clothing, drinkware, accessories, and more.

For those interested in making a purchase, the shop is already open for business via the new website, and Paramount says that it is already set up to ship globally. Furthermore, shoppers in the US, Canada, UK and Germany will also be able to take advantage of “localized experiences” from launch.

To further help encourage that initial purchase, Paramount Shop is also now offering a 20% discount when using the LAUNCH20 promo code during checkout.

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