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Peacock TV officially started streaming on July 15, 2020 and on a variety of devices including Android mobile and Android TV. The new streaming service is available in three tiers, including an option that lets subscribers access a selection of movies and TV shows for free. However, with the service having only just launched, there is a chance some may encounter issues when getting started and right now, accessing the app on Android could be one of them.


Although Peacock comes with a fairly wide level of device support, it is currently missing from two of the most popular streaming platforms in the US, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. Due to this, consumers who use either of these platforms will have to consider alternative devices to access the service. While Android TV is one option for those who have an Android TV device or a TV powered by Android TV, another is to download the Android mobile app and cast content from the phone to the main TV.

While the Peacock app is easy to find by searching on the Apple App Store for iPhone and Apple TV users, the same does not appear to be true for Android and the Google Play Store. In spite of just launching, there are already a number of people who have taken to social media to point out that they can’t find the Android mobile or Android TV app. However, it is available.


Download Peacock on Android mobile & Android TV

While the Android mobile and Android TV app is currently not surfacing when directly searching the Google Play Store on Android devices or via the web version of Google Play, the app has launched and can be downloaded on Android devices.

One option is to simply Google “Peacock Google Play Store” and a direct link to the Google Play Store listing for Peacock TV will be available. Alternatively, users can just click the link below to go directly to the correct Peacock TV download page for Android.

If accessed via a mobile phone, the link above should automatically open the Play Store app on the Android device, allowing for a direct download and installation. For Android TV, that’s less likely to be an option. Instead, Android TV users will need to access the link above through a web browser to be redirected to the web version of the Google Play Store. From here, they can then click on the install button and a list of Android devices associated with the Google account will be shown. Simply choose the Android TV device and click on the “Install’ button.


Using this method, consumers can send the Peacock TV app and have it installed on any supported Android mobile or Android TV device. Then sign in as normal. It is worth being aware that Google and NBCUniversal have partnered up to offer Android mobile and Android TV users an extended three-month free trial to Peacock premium, resulting in a saving of $5 per month.

Source: Google Play Store

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