Peacock Still Not Available on PS4, but Will Be Soon [Updated]

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Update 07/31: After a short delay, the Peacock PS4 app became available to download. The delay is understood to have been the result of an issue with the app. End of update.


Peacock TV is still not available on the Sony PlayStation 4, in spite of the official app having been scheduled for release as early as July 20. While the PS4 app is late in arriving, and although there’s no firm word on when it will actually go live, Peacock says it will be available soon.

NBCUniversal launched the new Peacock streaming service on July 15, after a soft launch months early for Comcast Xfinity customers. As this was a new service, device support remained limited with Amazon Fire TV and Roku notably missing, similar to HBO Max. However, just before the nationwide launch took place, NBCU confirmed that PlayStation 4 support had been agreed and would take an extra few days to go live, with the date announced as “starting the week of July 20.”


Since then, the app listing on the PlayStation Store has gone live and even shows the release date as July 21. However, PS4 owners have found that they cannot download the app, and if they do manage to, it doesn’t load or work properly. Furthermore, the app still appears to be missing when searched directly on a PlayStation 4 console.

Delayed, but Peacock still coming to PlayStation 4

At the moment, there does not appear to be any detailed reasoning behind the delay, although recent communications from Peacock suggest it is something to do with the app. As to be expected, since the initial launch was missed, many have been reaching out to Peacock via its various social media channels.

Some users have noted how the app was briefly available before being removed from the platform again. In turn, the service responded earlier in the week to questions on this, explaining that the Peacock PS4 app had been “prematurely published and was quickly removed.” With the response adding that Peacock is “working to finalize the app.”

Since then, the situation and communications have largely remained the same. Although the app is still not available, Peacock has been routinely providing similar responses. Even today, the company is still reiterating that it is “working to finalize the app” and that it will “launch on Sony PlayStation shortly.”

It does appear there was an issue with the early version of the app and the two companies are working to fix the issue before the app is made widely available. While the lack of a firm date is unlikely to be helpful to PlayStation 4 owners, Peacock seems to be suggesting it is only a short-term delay.

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