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Philo Adopts Privacy-Focused Unified ID 2.0 To Improve Advertising



Philo has now confirmed the use of Unified ID 2.0. The privacy-focused solution is designed to improve the advertising experience for both advertisers and consumers.

Ads are an accepted part of streaming services these days, and while there is usually the option to pay extra for an ad-free viewing experience, recent reports seem to continually suggest homes are happy to sit through ads to save on the cost of streaming.

However, one of the issues streaming services, and the internet as a whole, have been facing of late is the cracking down on the use of cookies. This is where Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) comes in, as the open-source solution makes it possible for advertisers to continue to track performance and other audience metrics without the use of third-party cookies.

Now, Philo has confirmed that it is adopting UID2 in a bid to ensure it is able to provide advertisers with the tools it needs, while also supporting a platform which protects consumer privacy.

We are thrilled to support Unified ID 2.0 as a way to improve addressability for advertisers in the premium CTV landscape,” said Reed Barker, Philo Head of Advertising. “Years of investing in our programmatic-first approach have culminated in this solution, which allows advertisers to accurately engage their audiences and measure results at scale, all while respecting consumer privacy.”

According to the announcement, the use of Unified ID 2.0 has already been rolled out, and is enabled across all of Philo’s inventory.

For reference, Philo isn’t the first to adopt this privacy-focused solution. Earlier in 2023, Warner Bros. Discovery integrated Unified ID 2.0 into its Discovery+ and Max streaming services. Even earlier in the year, Paramount Global confirmed it was enabling the use of UID2 for its various owned and operated streaming channels and services.

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