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Streaming The Most Popular TV Source Among Canadian Internet Users: Roku Study


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TV streaming is now the most popular TV source among Canadian internet users, according to a new Canadian TV streaming behaviors and trends study by Roku. The report also highlights the continual rise of ad-supported streaming services.

You don’t have to look very far any more to see the impact of streaming. There are new reports, surveys, and research on a monthly basis, confirming a rise in the use of streaming services to access live TV and on-demand content in general.

The latest comes from Roku, who today released the most recent findings from its annual Video on Demand (VOD) Evolution study. One of the big takeaways from the study is that TV streaming is now the most popular TV source, with 75% of surveyed Canadian internet users considered to be TV streamers

The study also found that ad-supported TV streaming services continue to increase in popularity. For example, the study lists an increase in use from 42% to 59% in the last year alone, and how 63% plan to use ad-supported services in the year ahead.

This seems to marry well with an LG study from earlier this year which found 61% of Canadian consumers prefer to stream free, ad-supported TV (FAST) content over paying for a subscription.

According to the Roku study, inflation and the everyday cost of living were noted as two of the main concerns TV streamers have at the moment, suggesting these are part of the reason for the rise in popularity of ad-supported services, and the expectation they will increase further in popularity over the next few years.

Speaking of saving money, the study also found that 24% of Canadian TV streamers plan to cancel or downgrade their cable or satellite package in the next 12 months, while 34% of TV streamers have never had cable at all.

For Canadian TV streamers, ad-supported TV offers the benefits of a lighter ad load compared to broadcast TV, with the added benefit of being cost-effective, which is what makes it so appealing – especially in today’s economic climate,” says Christina Summers, Head of Advertising in Canada, Roku.

Interestingly, the study seemed to suggest that TV streamers, as a collective, are undecided on what makes a good ad experience. For example, the study found 50% want personalized ads while 50% don’t. Likewise, 54% want ads unrelated to the title while 46% want related ads, and 51% would prefer a single ad shown during a break while 49% prefer multiple shorter ads.

That said, of those surveyed, there was very firm consensus on one particular part of the ad experience – repetition. Basically, 77% prefer every ad to be different, which is something many are likely to agree with.

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