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Does Philo Have TNT? No, But Another Cheap Live TV Service Does

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Philo doesn’t have TNT and it currently remains to be seen if that’s likely to change any time soon. Philo can be a good option for those looking for an affordable live TV streaming service, but there are limitations with the plan that might put some consumers off. One of the biggest hurdles is the channel lineup, even though it has slowly improved over time.

The major selling point with Philo is the price. While many other live TV streaming services charge $60 or higher each month, a standard Philo subscription costs just $25 per month. This makes it a more affordable option even when compared to Sling TV. For the monthly cost, Philo subscribers have access to more than 60 live TV channels and a selection of on-demand videos. This is in addition to the ability to record as many episodes and movies as wanted with the unlimited cloud DVR.

While there are plenty of live TV channels available to watch through Philo, the standard subscription doesn’t offer access to TNT. Philo also doesn’t provide any option to upgrade and add TNT to its plan through premium add-ons. Furthermore, there are no clear indications that Philo plans to add TNT in the future. Although this can change at any time, Philo is not going to be the right option for any homes that specifically want access to TNT in the meantime.

Sling TV is a good alternative to Philo for TNT

If considering TNT based on the lower price, it may be worth checking out Sling TV instead. Unlike Philo, the standard Sling Orange subscription includes the live TNT channel and is currently the cheapest way to watch TNT in general. A Sling Orange subscription costs $35 per month, making it around $10 more expensive than a Philo subscription. Even with TNT included, however, Sling TV might not be the right option for all homes.

While Philo offers subscribers access to more than 60 live TV channels, the Sling Orange plan only provides access to 30+ channels. Although the inclusion of TNT and TBS (also not available through Philo) might make it a better option for some, the channels missing from Sling Orange could be a problem for others. One way to overcome this is to opt for Sling TV’s ‘Orange & Blue’ plan which brings the number of channels much closer to 50. Even though this is still fewer than Philo, the overall lineup will likely better suit many more households. The problem here is the price increases from $35 to $50 per month when upgrading from Sling Orange to Sling Orange & Blue.

Another caveat with Sling TV’s plan is that it does not include TV Everywhere support for TNT. While Sling does offer TV Everywhere support in general, it is not available with every channel included with its plans. If a home does want to use their live TV credentials to log in to the TNT website or one of the TNT apps, then Sling TV is not going to be the best option. Other live TV streaming services like Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV do include TV Everywhere support for TNT. Of course, their base plan prices are also considerably more expensive than what both Sling and Philo charge per month.

TNT on Philo summary

A standard Philo subscription does not include TNT. Even though Philo is a great way to save on the cost of live TV streaming, the standard subscription is missing a number of channels that many consumers may want access to, and this includes TNT. Although it is possible that Philo could add TNT in the future, there are no indications that it is planning to soon.

Sling TV is the next best option for those looking for access to TNT at a price that’s similar to Philo. Sling TV includes TNT with its Orange plan, which is $10 per month more than the standard Philo plan. However, if they also want access to TV Everywhere support for TNT, then consumers will need to consider going with one of the more expensive live TV plans from DirecTV Stream, Hulu Live TV or YouTube TV.

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Please tell me how to get the Reelz live on philoh. I have a subscription with Philoh. It shows I can get Reelz for 3.00 extra a month. However, I don’t see anywhere to purchase it? please inform me. thanks

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