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How To Watch TNT Without Cable (As Cheap As Possible)

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TNT is one of the channels that still requires consumers to sign up to a live TV service. While the good news is that many of the most popular live TV streaming services do carry TNT, some of them are significantly cheaper than others.


With popular shows like The Alienist and Snowpiercer available, TNT can be is a great destination for TV content. The selection of movies and access to live sports, including NBA games and additional coverage, also further help to add value to a TNT subscription.

Even though it is fairly easy to find a live TV plan that includes TNT, there are some exceptions. For example, Fubo does not currently offer access to TNT and it remains to be seen if that will change in the future. Similar to Fubo, Philo also doesn’t currently include TNT in its channel lineup.


Watch TNT streaming options

Not only are there multiple live TV services that carry TNT, but some of them offer multiple plans as well. Below is a breakdown of all of the plans that include TNT, ranked by price.

ServicePlanPrice p/m
Sling TVOrange
Orange & Blue
Hulu Live TVBase$70
YouTube TVBase$73
DirecTV StreamEntertainment
*subject to ABC fee

Cheapest way to watch TNT

The cheapest way to watch TNT without cable is Sling TV. This live TV streaming service offers two main plans, Sling Orange and Sling Blue, and each one is priced at $40 per month. Even though the main difference is the channel lineups, TNT is included with both Orange and Blue plans.

While this does mean that it shouldn’t matter which of these plans you go with, some homes may find that the Sling Orange plan is the cheapest way to watch TNT overall.


The reason for this is that Sling charges an additional $5 fee in areas where local ABC is available. This fee applies to the Sling Blue and Orange & Blue plans, but not Sling Orange, making Orange the cheapest option overall.

Sling Orange
Sling TV new app
$20 first month
31 channels
1 stream
50 hours DVR
Sign up

Besides access to TNT, Sling TV’s plans also come with a number of additional features. including 50 hours of cloud DVR, the ability to stream on multiple devices at the same time (Blue only), and a selection of on demand content that’s available to watch at any time.

Other options for watching TNT

While Sling TV is currently the cheapest option, it is not the only way to watch TNT, and an alternate service may suit a home’s needs more.

The next cheapest option is Hulu Live TV. Priced at $69.99 per month, Hulu is more expensive than Sling, but the monthly subscription not only includes TNT but also access to Disney Plus and ESPN Plus as well. This is all in addition to access to Hulu’s on-demand library as well.


For homes that are already paying for basic Hulu, Disney Plus, and/or ESPN Plus, they may find that opting for Hulu Live TV a better and cheaper option for watching TNT and subscribing to all of these additional services.

Hulu Live TV
Hulu LIve TV guide$70+ per month
85+ channels
2 streams
Unlimited DVR
Disney+ and ESPN+ included
Sign Up

The next cheapest option is YouTube TV. Priced at $72.99 per month, YouTube TV costs more than Hulu Live TV and doesn’t include access to any of the additional subscriptions.

However, a YouTube TV subscription does unlock access to more than 100 live TV channels, including TNT, and an unlimited cloud DVR. It also offers the option to bundle various add-ons with the base plan, including NFL Sunday Ticket.

YouTube TV
YouTube TV live guide listings$65 (1st month)
100+ channels
3 streams
Unlimited DVR
Sign up

Last up is DirecTV Stream. Formerly known as AT&T TV, DirecTV Stream offers multiple plans to choose from and all of them include TNT. However, they are all fairly expensive options when compared to the other services.

Priced at $74.99 per month, the Entertainment plan is DirecTV Stream’s cheapest package and one which unlocks access to more than 75 channels and an unlimited DVR.

DirecTV Stream
Directv stream live guide$65+ (1st month)
75+ channels
20 streams (at home)
Unlimited DVR
Sign Up

If Regional Sports Networks are important, then it might be worth considering the $99.99 Choice plan instead. RSNs are included with the Choice plan at no additional cost.

TNT and TV Everywhere

One of the major benefits of streaming is the option to access content in different ways. For example, it is possible to watch TNT directly through the TNT website or by downloading the TNT app, in addition to the live TV provider’s website or app.

This is all made possible through TV Everywhere support, a feature that offers the ability for live TV subscribers to authenticate their subscription and access shows, movies, and even live events.

When it comes to TNT, not every live TV streaming service currently provides TV Everywhere support. Specifically, Sling TV subscribers are unable to log in to the TNT app or website, while DirecTV Stream, Hulu Live TV, and YouTube TV subscribers can access the app or website using their live TV account details.

Watch TNT without cable: recap

While watching TNT without cable is not difficult, not every live TV service currently carries the channel. Most notably, neither Fubo nor Philo include TNT in their channel lineups.

Most of the other live TV streaming services do carry TNT, albeit at vastly different monthly prices.

ServiceTNTPrice p/mChannelsFree Trial
Sling TV$40+30+/40+3 days*
Hulu Live TV$7085+No
YouTube TV$73100+7 days
DirecTV Stream$70+75+5 days
*depends on device

The cheapest way to watch TNT without cable is Sling TV at $40 per month. However, if TV Everywhere support for TNT is important, it might be best to avoid Sling TV.

Those wanting access to a greater variety of channels might want to consider YouTube TV at $73, while those interested in Disney Plus and ESPN Plus might want to take a look at Hulu Live TV. If RSNs are important, DirecTV Stream is always an option, albeit the most expensive option for watching TNT.

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