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Roku Channel Outage Affecting DirecTV Stream, Hulu and Peacock


Roku Select and Plus TVs

Roku appears to be suffering from an outage issue that’s affecting a number of channels on Roku devices, including DirecTV Stream, Hulu and Peacock. What is causing the issue currently remains unclear, as does when it will be fixed. However, not all Roku device users are thought to be impacted.

Within the last hour, the Roku Support account confirmed that the company is currently impacted by a “service interruption”. According to the Tweet, “a few channels” are affected by the interruption, resulting in an error message on the screen. Roku also says that it is working on a fix.

While Roku didn’t specifically mention which apps (channels) are affected by the service interruption, we have seen a sudden increase in user reports this morning related to DirecTV Stream, Hulu, and Peacock issues. Most of which appear to be in relation to Roku devices and the outage.

When it comes to DirecTV Stream, DirecTV has actually confirmed on social media that it is “currently dealing with an outage related to Roku Devices“. One of the replies on Twitter also highlights that affected customers are encountering loading issues when trying to watch content.

From what we can tell, the issue appears to have been affecting Roku channels for a number of hours over the course of the last day. In other words, this isn’t something that’s just started happening right now.

For example, DirecTV has been responding to user reports for hours. One of those user reports dates back almost 12 hours, and the user reports the issue having started long before that.

Regardless of when it did start, it currently remains unclear when the problem will be fixed. However, multiple affected parties do appear to be actively working on a fix, including Roku.

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