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Samsung TV Plus Adds A Bunch Of A&E FAST Channels, And More On-Demand Content


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Samsung TV Plus has added a bunch of new FAST channels, with most coming from the house of A&E. The free streaming service also added even more on-demand video content at the same time.

Similar to other free streaming services, Samsung TV Plus is packed with a selection of live channels that users can tune in to at any time. While not the same as the channels included with paid live TV packages, they are still useful channels to have access to.

Most of the time, these free channels are themed in some way, and that’s exactly the case with the new A&E channels. For example, one of the new channels unlocks non-stop access to American Pickers while another continuously plays I Survived…

Here’s the full list of new A&E channels now available to stream on Samsung TV Plus:

  • American Pickers by HISTORY – In small towns along America’s backroads, hidden treasures await to be uncovered. Join two expert pickers Mike and Frank as they cross the nation to track down forgotten objects with historical, collectible, and pop culture significance.
  • Hoarders by A&E – A renowned series granting unprecedented access into the homes of people locked in a battle against compulsive hoarding. The grip of possessions has spiraled so far out of control as they stand on the edge of life-threatening situations.
  • Flipping Nation – The always-on home for renovation fanatics. Follow the best house flippers out there, with series including Flip This House, Zombie House Flipping, Triple Digit Flip, 24 Hour Flip, and more. So flipping good you won’t want to miss it.
  • 60 Days In by A&E – 60 Days In sends undercover volunteers into jails to expose the real stories of life inside. These harrowing journeys serve a higher purpose, helping those in charge improve conditions. Facing danger and loneliness, can they last?
  • Intervention by A&E – When people with uncontrollable addictions come to the brink of destruction, devastated family and friends turn to interventionists for help. This iconic series follows these stories leading up to the decisive moment of intervention.
  • History 365 – Dive deeper into the subjects you want to know more about with hit series from The History Channel, such as “America the Story of Us,” “Modern Marvels” and “The Men Who Built America”. It’s the ultimate channel for every History lover.
  • Storage Wars: LA by A&E – Pros have a chance to strike it rich with left-behind treasures – or wind up with nothing but junk.
  • Bring It! by Lifetime – Intense rehearsals, thrilling battles, and fierce rivalries.
  • Little Women: LA by Lifetime – With big personalities and even bigger dreams, these extraordinary women tackle life’s challenges head-on.
  • Mountain Men by HISTORY – Epic survival series following rugged men battling the elements, wildlife, and isolation to live off the grid.
  • I Survived… by A&E – Gripping and harrowing, these are the unforgettable stories of people who overcame the odds and made it out alive.
  • Alone by HISTORY – The ultimate test of survival. Stranded in the wilderness, brave contestants battle the elements, hunger, and isolation. Armed with only their skill and limited supplies, they push their physical and mental limits to survive against all odds.
  • Forged in Fire by HISTORY – Witness world-class bladesmiths battle fire, time, and each other to figure some of history’s most iconic edged weapons. From the mighty Viking sword to the Japanese katana, every episode is an epic competition of skill and steel.
  • Swamp People by HISTORY – Step into the Louisiana swamps, where hunters battle massive alligators and confront Mother Nature. Witness their daring navigation of treacherous terrain as they risk their lives to control the population of these formidable creatures.

In addition to the above channels, Samsung TV Plus has also added new Hagerty (24/7 network that celebrates cars and car culture) and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman channels as well.

This is along with local news in more markets, thanks to the addition of Fox live and breaking news from Austin, Detroit, Milwaukee, Orlando, Phoenix, Seattle and Tampa Bay.

In terms of on-demand content, Samsung TV Plus has also expanded its content library with the following:

  • Hallmark Movies & More – Airing every weekend in December
    • Christmas Festival of Ice
    • A Nutcracker Christmas
    • Hitched for the Holidays
    • A Rose for Christmas
    • Window Wonderland
    • A Midnight Kiss
  • Holiday Movie Favorites by Lifetime – Available until January 9
    • Feliz NaviDAD
    • Merry Liddle Christmas
    • Christmas in Tune
    • Toying With the Holidays
    • Christmas Hotel
    • The Christmas Setup
    • Christmas in Mississippi
    • A Very Vintage Christmas
    • Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas
    • Christmas in the City
  • A Very Merry Murphy – Eddie Murphy triple feature available via Movie Hub through 12/31
    • Beverly Hills Cop
    • Beverly Hills Cop II
    • 48 Hrs.
  • Murray & McCarthy Marathon – Bill Murray & Melissa McCarthy triple feature available via Movie Hub through 12/31
    • Meatballs (Bill Murray)
    • St. Vincent (Billy Murray & Melissa Mccarthy)
    • Cook Off! (Melissa Mccarthy)
  • Get Some Holiday Cheer – Holiday Movies available via Movie Hub on 12/23 and 12/24
    • Ace & the Christmas Miracle
    • The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas
    • Christmas All Over Again
    • A Christmas Wedding Tail
    • A Wonderful Christmas
    • The Santa Trap
    • A Chance of Snow
    • Dear Santa
    • Santa Who?
    • The Tangerine Bear
    • Three Wise Guys
  • A Comedic Christmas – Comedies playing all day long via Movie Hub on 12/25
    • The Cookout
    • Mad Money
    • Instructions Not Included
    • City Island
    • Waiting…
    • Missing Link
  • A Rockin’ Movie Hub NYE – Music-centric movies playing via Movie Hub on 12/31
    • Love & Mercy
    • Soul Men
    • Sing Street
    • Unfinished Song
    • The Sapphires
    • In the Mix
  • “Chase-mas” Marathon – Playing via Movie Hub Action through 12/31
    • Daybreakers
    • Killing Gunther
    • I, Frankenstein
    • Dragon Blade
    • Erased
    • The November Man
    • Final Score
    • Stand Up Guys
    • Chaos
    • Traitor
    • Reclaim
    • Replicant
    • Skiptrace
    • Darkest Hour
    • Triangle
    • Bleeding Steel
    • Stolen
    • The Way of the Gun
    • Tracers
    • The Three Musketeers
    • Zulu
    • The 51st State
    • Blitz
    • Control
    • Ninja
    • Ninja: Shadow of a Tear
    • The Code
    • Trancers
    • TransSiberian
    • The Wraith
    • Elephant White
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