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Sling TV’s ‘Freeview Weekends’ Offer Free Access To Premium Services

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Sling TV is launching a new ‘Freeview Weekends’ campaign that provides paid subscribers with access to standalone streaming services that they would otherwise have to pay for. As to be expected, and suggested by the name, access to each of these premium networks is only for a weekend. Still, it can be a good way for Sling TV subscribers to check out shows and movies they currently don’t have access to.

Sling TV is no stranger to offering free content. In the past, like some other live TV services, Sling has offered limited access to premium networks for free. Sling TV even offers a ‘Sling Free’ experience in general. While Sling Free won’t be a replacement for any of Sling’s live TV base plans, it is a way to watch select content for free through the service’s apps and without the need for a subscription.

Now, Sling TV is planning to offer free experiences throughout the entire summer. Marketed as ‘Freeview Weekends’, Sling has confirmed it will be providing paid subscribers the option each weekend to watch content from a different premium standalone streaming service. The services will rotate each week, typically starting on Friday and ending on Monday, and the promotion is due to continue through August 2022. During any of these free weekends, Sling TV subscribers not only gain access to the premium service’s live schedule, but also its on-demand content library as well.

Kicking off the ‘Freeview Weekends’ schedule will be Showtime, with the free period beginning this Friday (June 24) and continuing through Monday (June 27). Other confirmed services that will be available to watch for free over the summer include AMC+, Epix, Hallmark Movies Now, Curiosity Stream, and Sundance Now, among others. For those without a subscription, but hoping to take part in the summer streaming celebrations, there is currently the option to sign up through the Sling TV website at half the usual cost. Considering both of Sling TV’s main plans each cost $35 per month, this brings the total cost down to around $17.50 for the first month of either base plan.

Besides being a quick and easy way for Sling TV subscribers to check out any of these premium networks and subscriptions, it is also a way for the service to increase subscribers to those services. A point not lost in the announcement, where Sling explains that it currently offers access to almost 50 standalone streaming services for subscribers to choose from and add to their base plan. As to be expected, that list includes all of the services that will be taking part in Sling TV’s summer 2022 ‘Freeview Weekends’ lineup.

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