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How Much Is Sling TV Per Month?

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The minimum cost of a Sling TV subscription is $35 per month. The exact price a subscriber will pay on a monthly basis depends on their individual needs and any add-ons or extras they add to their live TV streaming package. However, for those simply looking for a live TV base plan with no additional extras, Sling TV is going to be one of the most affordable options.


Sling TV has been around for some time now, making it one of the oldest live TV streaming services. Initially launched in 2015, the service has expanded to include more features and now offers a richer live TV streaming experience overall. Over time, new features is not the only aspect that has changed, with the actual channel lineup having been adjusted as well. For some, the changes to the selection of channels have not always been for the better.

When Sling TV became available nationwide in February of 2015, the cost of the subscription was just $20 per month. However, as the service has aged it has encountered multiple price increases. Although the price increases have tended to be much lower than other live TV streaming services, often only increasing by $5 per month. The last Sling TV price increase arrived in early 2021.


Sling TV costs $35 per month

A Sling TV base subscription costs $35 per month. This is cheaper than many of the other live TV streaming services, with both Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV currently costing $65 per month while AT&T TV’s cheapest plan is $70 per month. That’s not to say Sling TV is the cheapest overall as a Philo subscription is priced at $20 per month. Whether Philo is a more suitable service will depend on the selection of channels on offer.

While Sling TV is a cheap option, it is worth keeping in mind that the $35 price is just for the base subscription. Sling TV offers two main plans, Sling Blue and Sling Orange. Generally, the two plans overlap significantly in terms of the channels, although the two channel lineups are not identical. In spite of this, both of Sling’s base plans are priced at $35 per month, making neither base package cheaper or more expensive than the other.

Sling TV also offers the option to combine both the Sling Blue and Sling Orang plans together into one plan that provides access to all of the channels available through both. The combined Sling Orange & Blue package costs $50 per month, resulting in a 25-percent discount on the total cost of both subscriptions.

Sling TV’s rising subscription cost

Although the entry price is low, this is by design, and one of the benefits of Sling TV is that it is a highly customizable service. Consumers can either sign up to a base plan for $35 per month for access to the main live TV channels, or pad out their package with additional channel packs and add-ons. However, adding any of these does come at a price and the cost can increase dramatically when enough are added.

Generally speaking, Sling TV’s individual add-ons are not that expensive with the majority of them adding multiple channels to a Sling TV Blue or Orange plan for as little as $6 per month. However, they can also rise to as high as $15 per month. In addition, there is also a cloud DVR add-on for those that require more recording space than what’s included with the base packages. If opting for all of these add-ons, including the DVR, then the price of a Sling TV subscription each month will be more comparable to the price of an AT&T TV, Hulu Live TV, or YouTube TV subscription.


Although these add-ons can quickly increase the cost of a subscription, and by a lot, Sling TV also offers another way to add the extra channels while saving in the process. Essentially, Sling TV offers a Total TV deal that bundles all of the main channel add-ons as well as the DVR upgrade at a lower cost than subscribing to all of them individually. The exact price of the Total TV deal varies depending on the base plan, but can be as low as an additional $21 per month.

How much is Sling TV summary

A Sling TV subscription costs just $35 per month making it one of the cheapest live TV streaming services around. Consumers can either choose between the Sling Blue and Sling Orange plan, or combine both of these into one Sling Orange & Blue package for $50 per month.

The $35 and $50 monthly costs are just for the base plans. Sling TV also offers a number of customization options through channel packs and add-ons, and these can increase the price of a subscription significantly, depending on how many are added. For those that want the ultimate Sling TV subscription, the Total TV deal is likely to be the best and cheapest option overall.

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