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$15 For A Month Of Sling TV Is An Unmissable Deal


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It is definitely worth considering Sling TV if you’re in the market for a new live TV plan considering a new promotion has now reduced the price of the first month down to just $15.

Sling TV is almost always running a promotion and so it is almost always possible to sign up and save on the first month. Throughout most of this year, for example, Sling has been running a popular promotion that reduces the cost of its plans by 50%, taking the price down to as low as $20 for the first month.

This deal, however, is even better. Right now, new users can sign up to Sling TV and only pay $15 for the first month. With $25 off the normal price, this is a seriously good deal and one not to be missed if you’re looking for a new live TV package.

The deal price applies to both the Sling Orange and Sling Blue plans, so you can choose the package that best suits your needs. Generally speaking, Sling Blue is the better option for those wanting access to NBC and Fox channels.

Sling Blue
Sling TV new app
40 channels
3 streams
50 hours DVR
50% Off Your First Month

For those wanting access to Disney and ESPN channels, then Sling Orange is going to be the better option.

Sling TV
Updated Sling TV logo with emphasis on TV
Up to 40 channels
Up to 4 streams
50 hours DVR

$15 First Month

If you like the look of both packages, then you don’t actually have to choose between them. Sling also offers a combined Orange & Blue plan which bundles the channel lineups from both packages together into a single plan.

While this plan normally costs $55 per month, it has now been reduced down to just $30 for the first month, as part of the same promotion.

As these discounts only apply to the first month, new subscribers should keep in mind that they will automatically be billed at the usual, higher rate for the second month and every month after. The way to avoid this happening is to manually cancel the subscription before the end of the first, discounted month.

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