Sling TV Deals, Discounts & Promotions In 2021

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Sling TV routinely offers a number of deals and promotions for new customers and these either usually result in a saving on the cost of a subscription during the first month or the option to get free hardware. Understanding what deals are available when signing up, can help to make sure an individual or subscriber maximizes their live TV subscription.


Generally speaking, Sling TV is one of the more affordable options for live TV streaming. The service has encountered multiple price increases over the years, but with plans starting at $35 per month, it still remains a more affordable choice than many alternative services, including DirecTV Stream (formerly AT&T TV), fuboTV, Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV.

Sling offers two main plans to choose from when signing up. While the Sling Blue and the Sling Orange plans do differ in terms of the channel lineups and the number of streams, they don’t tend to be treated any differently in terms of promotions. For example, all of the current deals listed below are available regardless of which Sling TV plan an individual or household is most interested in.


Sling TV current deals: August 2021

Right now, sling TV is offering a number of different deals. As to be expected, these are individual promotions and cannot be combined together. In other words, any consumers considering signing up to Sling TV can only take advantage of one of the deals listed below.

Save $25 on first month

For those just looking to save on the cost of live TV, Sling TV is currently offering the option to sign up and only pay $10 for the first month. Considering the base Sling Blue and Sling Orange subscriptions start at $35 per month, this equates to a $25 saving, making it a good and affordable way to check whether Sling TV is the right live TV streaming service before having to pay the full monthly cost.

Sling TV charges subscribers on a monthly cycle that’s paid in advance. One of the benefits of this approach is how easy it is to cancel a subscription. For those that are willing to pay upfront for longer than usual, Sling TV tends to offer additional deals, including free hardware.


Right now, Sling TV is offering the option to get a streaming player for free, or improve on a consumer’s general streaming experience through various hardware bundles that can help make accessing local channels a little easier.

Free AirTV Mini

Sling TV is currently offering new customers a free AirTV Mini streaming player when signing up and paying for two months of live TV in advance. Although there are better streaming players available to buy, the AirTV Mini is specifically designed with Sling TV in mind. This greater level of customization is likely to make the AirTV Mini a good option for those specifically interested in Sling TV.

Free HD antenna

Similar to other live TV streaming services, the availability of local channels not only depends on the user’s location, but also carriage agreements. Sling TV is not the best option for locals, which is why the services offers a free HD antenna to new subscribers when they prepay for the first two months. With the antenna, Sling TV subscribers can look to watch their local channels over the air, although whether they do get access to their local ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC channels will depend on the quality of the signal. This is in addition to which channels are generally available in their local area.


Free AirTV 2 and HD antenna

Sling TV subscribers can also opt for an AirTV 2 and HD antenna for $49 when paying for three months in advance, resulting in roughly $100 in savings compared to the listed $149.94 cost of the equipment. Unlike the AirTV Mini, the AirTV 2 is not a streaming device, but one which connects the over-the-air HD antenna (also included) to a separate streaming player. This will then allow the subscriber to view and access local channels directly in the Sling TV guide. If adding an external DVR to the mix as well, subscribers will then be able to actually record their local channels.

Free AirTV Anywhere and HD antenna

Another option for new Sling TV customers is the AirTV Anywhere and HD antenna bundle. When signing up and paying for three months in advance, subscribers can get this bundle for $99 compared to the listed $244.98 price for the hardware. AirTV Anywhere works similar to the AirTV 2, as it also requires a connection to the separate HD antenna (included in the bundle) and an existing streaming player to provide access to local channels within the Sling TV guide. The difference, however, is the AirTV Anywhere comes with its own 1TB DVR allowing subscribers to record local channels as well. In addition, the device can also be used to stream the available local channels on up to four TVs in the home without any additional hardware needed.

Which deal is best to go with will depend on the needs of the individual or household using the subscription. However, it is worth keeping in mind that any discounts or promotions applied to the cost of a Sling TV subscription are only for a limited time. Consumers will always want to remain aware of when the next non-discounted payment date is and cancel their subscription if they don’t want to remain a subscriber at the higher rate.

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