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SHOxBET Is Free For Sling TV Subscribers This Weekend


Sling TV Sho X BET

Sling TV subscribers currently have free access to SHOxBET as part of the live TV streaming service’s latest free preview. Back in June of last year, Sling announced the launch of Freeview Weekends, a program that provides subscribers with previews of third-party premium subscriptions.

Since then, Sling TV has routinely made various premium networks available for a short period of time. This weekend, Sling TV has unlocked access to Showtime and BET content.

SHOxBET brings together original shows, movies, and documentaries from both Showtime and BET. In addition to the SHOxBET live channel, which constantly plays movies and more from both networks, there’s also a variety of on-demand content available to watch at any time.

For those interested in seeing what SHOxBET has to offer, the live channel can be accessed through the Guide section of the app or website. Alternatively, subscribers can check out any of the on-demand movies and shows by navigating to the SHOxBET page of the On Demand section.

For reference, the SHOxBET free preview appears to have unlocked access to all of the Showtime channels, so this can largely be considered a general Showtime free preview. Either way, Sling TV subscribers will continue to get free access to SHOxBET through Sunday, Feb. 19.

For those that would like to retain access after the free preview has come to an end, they will need to add the channel to the base package. Regardless of whether signed up to Sling Blue or Orange, or the combined Orange & Blue plan, Showtime, which includes SHOxBET, can be added to the base plan for an additional $10 per month.

For those that prefer BET, the channel is included with both base plans at no additional cost. However, there is also a separate BET Plus add-on that can be bundled with any of the base live TV plans for an additional $10 per month.

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