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Sling TV Rolling Out Fresh & Updated App Experience

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Sling tv new app

Sling TV has started rolling out a new app interface with an updated design in a bid to improve the general user experience. The updated look and improved functionality is currently only available to select users, but that is expected to change in due course, and eventually will be available to all Sling TV subscribers in the United States.

Sling TV has remained one of the more popular live TV services and currently delivers live TV channels to more than two million subscribers. While the price is cheaper than many other services, it does come with some compromises. Arguably the design of the user experience was one of those compromises, with an interface that could be considered dated compared to other live TV streaming services.

However, Sling TV now looks to be remedying this compromise through the release of a new and updated app user experience. Sling TV has confirmed the new look has started rolling out in beta, albeit currently only to users of an Amazon Fire TV device. However, it is expected to roll out to other platforms and devices over the course of this year.

The new design results in updates to multiple areas of the app experience, with a view to creating an easier to use and navigate interface. One of the most notable changes is the repositioning of the main app menu from the top of the screen to the side. However, this is only the start of the changes.

What to expect with the new design

The home screen has received a major update with not only a focus on surfacing content that’s chosen specifically for the user, but also larger thumbnails. Likewise, the live TV guide has received similar changes, resulting in a cleaner look, larger thumbnails for listings, and a quicker ability to record shows and movies.

Sling TV recently upgraded its cloud DVR, resulting in all subscribers gaining access to 50 hours of recording space for free. With the new look and design, subscribers will also benefit from an improved DVR section that’s also easier to access from the main menu. In addition, there has also been upgrades to the on demand section as well as the search functionality in general. Both of which have been designed to ensure it is quicker and easier to locate and start streaming videos the subscriber is interested in.

Overall, the announced changes do look set to massively change the way the Sling TV app experience works and feels. Once fully rolled out, and in spite of Sling TV remaining a cheaper option than other live TV streaming services, the app experience won’t necessarily feel like it is a compromise in return for the lower price.

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  1. My main hatred for the new app is the fact that you cannot pick a channel and see what on demand programs that channel offers. I’m paying for premium movie channel Turner Classic Movies. none of their movies are easy to get to find. Maybe one or two movies show up instead under on demand not the 30 or 40 that they actually have available.

  2. Our Roku just updated. Hate It. We liked the old Channels guide Not the Grid Guide. We had our favorites in the first tier and were very happy with it . Wife Hates it we would like to have an option to get the Channels listed as they were. They did this once before going to the grid only, then relented and gave you the option to have the Channels listed. They need to do the same again. This may be a deal breaker …. Long time Sling Tv customer.

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