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Sling’s Latest Free Channels Takes Freestream Up To 335 Channels


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Sling has added a bunch of new channels to Freestream, and in doing so, increased the total number on offer to more than 335. Building on the bones of the previous Sling Free experience, Freestream is Sling’s latest investment in free TV.

Sling launched Freestream in February of this year. At the time, the re-envisioning and rebranding of the Sling Free experience came with a new name, look, and an expanded channel lineup. In total, Sling Freestream offered access to more than 210 channels at launch, as well as a selection of on-demand content.

The latest channel additions have now taken the total up to more than 335 channels, a selection which includes 35 sports, 100 entertainment, and 45 news channels. In spite of the number, Sling doesn’t plan to stop there, confirming that it will be introducing more domestic sports, entertainment and news channels throughout 2023. This is in addition to more foreign language international channels and On Demand content.

For those interested in seeing what the new and exclusive to Sling Freestream channels have to offer, below is the name and a short description of each:

  • Living History: Spark your curiosity with Living History films. Stream documentaries that inspire, enlighten and entertain.
  • Film Shorts: Don’t have the time to sink into a new show? Film Shorts is home to programming under 40 minutes in length. Quickly explore thrillers, comedy, dramas and more.
  • Latino Cinema: Enjoy Spanish-language movies of all genres on Latino Cinema. Dive deep with Latin directors and performers in comedy, drama, action and adventure.
  • Her TV: Home to female entertainment that entertains, inspires and uplifts. Enjoy female-led stories and performances 24/7.
  • Ambient Cinema: Showcases slow and ambient programming designed for lean-back viewing. Sit back and relax with calming landscapes, music and performances.
  • For the Culture: Celebrates Black culture and storylines. The diverse mix of entertainment ranges from dramas and documentaries to thrillers and action movies.
  • The Classics: Revisit the past with riveting classics. The culturally classic programming produced before 2010 includes westerns, comedies and dramas.
  • Crime Scenes: Uncover the truth with a range of documentaries, dramas and thrillers dedicated to the true crime genre.
  • Movie Hub: Home to all things style, culture and entertainment, offering a diverse range of content for all to enjoy.
  • Screams & Scares: Watch adrenaline-inducing horror movies anytime with Screams & Scares. 24/7 scares from the classics and beyond.
  • The Playground: The playground made for your living room. Sing songs, dance and read along with animated characters created for kids ages three to ten.
  • Suspense: Home to all things suspense and thriller. The diverse content ranges from crime and sci-fi to action dedicated to the thriller genre.

The channels above, as well as all of the other Freestream channels, are available to both paying and non-paying Sling TV users. For those looking to now give Freestream a try, you can head over to the Freestream website and start watching, and regardless of whether you have an existing Sling TV account.

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